Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by HENDO, Mar 25, 2006.

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  1. HENDO

    HENDO Old-Salt

    Hi could anyone tell me if recruits in basic wear name tags. Reason why I ask this is because im transfering from the TA to the regs in a week and starting my basic however i currnetly have name tags on all my combat 95's
  2. happy_as_a_hat

    happy_as_a_hat War Hero

    My Crows don't but I did through Sandhurst.

    Wait until you get there and I'm sure your friendly Sect Comd/Pl Sgt will gently guide you with regards your order of dress!
  3. MSI64

    MSI64 LE

    No mate crow do not wear name tags and if you have yours on it will only single you out for Ridicule and unwanted attention trust me
  4. doublecrease

    doublecrease Old-Salt

    you'll get issued new C95 anyway, or should

    leave yours at home.
  5. HENDO

    HENDO Old-Salt

    Nar they've set an 1157 form up there, hopefully I will get issued new.
  6. al_5780

    al_5780 Old-Salt

    exchange everything and look as crowish till mid course then shinout and as your army number will single you get a story off i joined ta and quit to prevent extra attention as you will end up being the example and it will become a living hell being givin CPL's pet
  7. Strewth! Burst transmission enabled post!