Do qualifications time out ?

When i originally joined the army in 1988 (Royal Artillery) i started as a signaller and did the basic and advanced signals course, i then come to my senses and moved into gunnery also doing the basic and advanced gunnery courses.

My question is although i understand the equipment has changed dramatically do the qualifications still count or are they obsolete due to the amount of time between me doing the course and rejoining 12 years later as a TA soldier or because the equipment and drills have changed the qualifications are no longer viable.
After 12 years out, you will have everything reset to zero.

Hvae to agree with MSR, though some things maybe be similiar the vast majority of things are different. Signals for example has changed.
Actually, no, some of your trades can be converted, I know I did it

Firstly I am assuming you are joining a Gunner TA unit ? If not then this next part will not be of any use to you

The issue with RA trades is they have to be signed off by TDT RA, in my case I left with DC Sigs RA, but in my absence (6 yrs) the Reg RA had moved onto Bowman and Crewman 2000. What saved me however is that the RA TA hasn't completely converted to Bowman, so my Clansman courses still counted. You probably won't get everything at the same level, for example I got GCS Level 4 when I should of been 6, but that's all you need for the TA. Not only did I get my Sigs signed off but also my Arty Int, Equipment Recognition and Sound Ranging, what they wouldn't sign off on though was my EFP and some odd Int course I had done, oh and my driving strangely, had to go through a Service Driver Course even though I learn't to drive in a Land Rover !?!

Oh and I'm not a fluke, as we had another lad join after me in exactly the same state and we managed the same. To get this to work however you need to have the SPSI to back you up, in our cases he personally went to Larkhill with the trade quals listed to get them signed off.

If you did any leadership courses you will get them signed off within the regiment but if you held rank, well that's a different story as well as I started again at Gunner and although I skipped through Lance Jack quickly, I had to do 2 yrs as full screw before Sgt as my 7 yrs as a Full Screw didn't count towards C2K

If you have a decent bunch behind you then you should be alright
I'm sure I've seen some people trained on smoke signals masquerading as comms gurus, so no probs (and not retrained)

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