Do QA's want to rule the world?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Ventress, Nov 1, 2004.

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  1. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

  2. I believe that the QARANC has the right to be an all officer Corps. All HCAs should be given the opportunity to transfer to be CMTs (which should then be renamed Combat Health Care Assistants) who would then have better career options because, as well as putting up tents and painting boxes, they would also find themselves back in hospitals (but not working on reception like in the good old days) but actually on the wards, HCA these days arent trolley dollys, but in fact skilled in health care to NVQ level 3 (which i believe is 3 levels higher than that of the present CMT).
    So it would be of benefit for the CMTs to get on the wards and actually do some clinical work instead of claiming to be tank drivers and SAS.

    anyway, i digress, Student nurses and nurses with less than 2 years qualification should be badged RAMC until they are eligible to be put forward for RCB.
    The TA, at the moment they give out 2Lt commisions like sweets to newly qualified nurses, this practice should cease and the TA QAs should have to go in front of a real RCB even if its just a TA commision that they are after.

    I hope that answers your question:
    Should smoking be banned in telephone boxes?
  3. What 8O an inflate their already over inflated ego?? :roll:

    Sounds a very good idea :mrgreen: , however who would control it? The grey mafia? Or the RAMC?

    Have to agree there, too many CMTs running around as "wannabe" infantry. If you wannabe a grunt-transfer!

    Mmmmmm, :? , not too sure on that one. Sounds like the RAMC/QARANC nurse split we had prior to rebadging of all RGNs.

    Have to give my 100% backing to that one. Too many TA QA Officers running around who have not been near a ward for decades and are bordering on incompetent.

    definetly yes, but shagging should still be allowed :twisted:
  4. I think a more informed point is - it all comes down to pay 8) The Medical and Dental professions are becoming a real draw for people who - to be basic look for money.

    My point, the DMS should do the unthinkable and remunerate all Health allied professions (those with statutory registration) with the possibility of holding a commission.

    Oh my god the blue blood the pips will say - can't do that will dilute the Officers' mess.

    Main point - When and I mean when the next big operation comes along - where are all the TA and the regular DMS - in civi street. Commanders now have to make continued RISK assessments when Comd Med says sorry Guv run dry of Medics :roll:
  5. Makes sense. You could also include the new assistant radiographers as part of the Combat Health Care Assistant which would further enhance career options
  6. Doesn't mean I won't tell them they are still trolley dollys even though they are skilled. The military ones are constantly looked down upon by our NHS collegues and treated considerably worse than they are in the military environment. The mafiosi like them to do just about evertything apart from get recognition for a lot of what they do
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

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