Do Pro Boots have a shelf life?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Ned_Seagoon, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. Recent weather and a marked lack of comms with my toes for the last week have finally persuaded me that the ubiquitous jungle boots might not be so ubiquitous after all. So, early this morning, I dug out the Pro boots that had served me so well on many a winter exercise, albeit several years ago; I did remember them being particularly warm and reasonably waterproof. However, having pulled them on and laced them up and set off for the back door, far too late to bother with polish!, I found that the soles were not only sticking to the lino but leaving substantial “blobs” behind. Closer inspection showed that the soles have become tacky.Is this a recognised phenomenon or am I just an unlucky Arrser?
  2. Have they been stored in proximity to some kind of solvent?
  3. Did you keep them on a shelf?
  4. BoaB - Nowhere near solvent.DN - Yes on a painted shelf in a very cool and well ventilated cupboard under the stairs.
  5. Mine have done the same...and then split right across the middle where they flex when I take a step. Like you say, they became sticky and bits started to fall out of them.

    I did some searching around on t'internet and found that several thousand boots were issued with faulty materials.

    Looks like you were also one of the unlucky ones!

    What really grips my shit is that the leather/goretex/cambrelle parts of the boot are as new despite being worn regularly, because I looked after them.
  6. I've had something similar before with a brand new from the stores pair - the rubber of the sole was literally crumbling away and it was only a driving detail. The stores told me that they do indeed have a shelf life and that after that they start to fall apart.
  7. Don't the Army buy them at twice the normal cost after their shelf life has ended...thought that was normal equipment procurement procedures. Yes happened with an old pair of mine.
  8. Yes this happens, get them re-soled as you'll probably not get another pair of boots as good.
  9. The soles on mine crumbled to bits. My man in the rubber goods industry tells me that all compound rubber soles and, indeed, tyres have a finite life and will eventually deteriorate. Apparently the Pro Boots shelf life was 10 years.

    Alt-Berg resoled mine with Vibrams for about £35 including delivery.

    All this has been discussed before, I think.
  10. The shelf life is 5 years from memory.

    I have had soldiers go to the stores to get a 'new' set of boots, only for the soles to then fall apart as you have described before they have even broken the boots in.

    On the box, in typical Army fashion, is a date of manufacture. They are not suposed to be issued 4/5 years from that date and should be back loaded and sold off to the surplus industry.
  11. Left my s/h pro boots in a shed for a year still working fine.
  12. Yep - Been there. Both my issue assault boots and pro boots have done this in the last 12 months.

    The Assault boots are 11 years old and the proboots are 6 years old. As to why they've gone to shit at the same time? Go figure.

    It was a good choice to go pro boot though. Lowa's and Altbergs weigh as much as a Golf GTI and cost a little bit more.

    Do they still issue pro boots?
  13. Yes they have a shelf life - I think it is around 5 years. Hit me with a NSN and I'll see if there is any other details.

    Like lots of rubber; use it all the time and it will remain flexible and comfortable but inevitably wear down, use it and then leave it for months it will perish. (Think push bike tyres that haven't been used since the last New Years resolution was shit-canned.)

    As for polishing them - don't! Use dubbing instead; it's better for the leather and the goretexy type stuff underneath.
  14. I had been blaming a Portaloo related incident ( jolly japes resulting in spillage of blue fluid for this )
  15. It's a damn shame as they are the best boots i've ever had. I don't like the vibram soles on other boots. I seem to think the company was taken over, was somewhere on here I think I read about it. They also don't re-sole the boots.