Do Privates run the army???

Are the Privates running the army?

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Did you know the rank structure has in fact reversed??

... We now have privates calling the shots and the NCOs being disciplined for doing their jobs. :evil:

Have just got home to find 'significant other' is suspended (didn't think that actually happened in the army) along with several of his peers, for basically doing their (Cpl) and their lance-jacks' jobs.

What kind of army do we have when a Cpl cannot shout at a Tom for doing something knowingly wrong (even potentially dangerous), without fear of losing his/her job.

Have we really become an army of soft as sh*te soldiers. "Yes" is the general opinion of the soldiers who are facing the potential loss of careers they have worked long and hard for.

The worst part is that these wasters - sorry, privates - know the implications of crying to the RMPs about 'bullying' (Known to the rest of us as "giving orders" or 'work'). They know it's not true, they know it will follow their victim around for the rest of his/her career, but they can still do it and make the Cpl and his family's life hell. All this from little kids who have no intention of staying in the army any longer than their 3 years... save a bit of money and go home to mummy (which they do every w/e so mummy can do their washing)

Obviously, I do not wish to tar all privates with the same brush - some do have genuine harassment issues, and the majority just get on with their job... as they signed up to do.

However, am extremely miffed that a bunch of kids can have a whole regiment (not too far from 4 Div.... and not as far as 101 Bde... enough clues??) running scared... All because they didn't like being told what to do on ex. - Basically they see their mates over in welfare, drinking tea and watching Neighbours and decide they want some of that.

Rant over :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

Would love to name names, but in order to protect the innocent (who are presumed guilty) I shall stay quiet (but only on that point).

Signing off,

Concerned Fellow Section Commander (who now is looking at ways to give orders in a 'nice and fluffy' way lest she also be accused of bullying her soldiers)

Have tried nice approach in attempt to not get caught in the bullying accusations - you know, make them a cup of tea in my best china, hand out the posh biscuits, "Please, if it's not too much trouble, would you be able to first parade your vehicle... if you can't, that's okay, I'll do it for you..."

Needless to say, they thought I was bonkers and demanded that I go back to my PMT ways. Niceness, apparently, unnerves them. :oops:

Oh well, guess some people CAN cope with being told what to do... just not in Mr.Freebie's troop 8O . (Not sure whether to call him Cpl - guess we'll leave that for the CO) :?:
Best advice is be consistent. If one little runt runs to mummy for being beasted and you can show you have handed out the same treatment to others for the same or similar offences and they haven't honked then it hardly give Pte Compensation room to honk.

Document what you do and why you do it so that if you have to account for yourself then you have something to refer to. Avoid personal language, and keep it to bullet points, but it helps when you need a refresher, and again, shows you are managing and not picking on someone.
Thanks for the tips Woopert. I know I ranted rather a lot - tensions running high and all that... needed to vent!! :x

It's obviously a sign of the times when those in a position of some authority have to watch what they say for fear of repercussions. I know so many who are leaving, or who have already left, the forces for such reasons.

Perhaps we need to start looking after the 'older soldiers' in terms of retention - they are, after all, the ones with the knowledge and experience - instead of just focussing on the younger ones.
AGAI 67 them to death, they can't run to mum when they are painting the camp can they.

Remember to document all incidents chats and warnings as this is the evidence when their case is reviewed. As per woopet be fair and firm (no favouritism).

Most RLC units intend to use this regulation rigorously so all the Sqn management should be on side. This was also intended to avoid accusations of bullying with the SSM/RSM regulating.

Good luck


Gamekeeper/poacher…who knows

Do Privates run the Army I think you will find they do,I realize that documenting everything you say and do protects you from false accusations but do you not think it has gone beyond a joke that we have to do these things? What happened to the days of take it on the chin and then whinge about it later in the bar to your mates? When did the Army become a Democracy? Maybe i should try it next time my SSM wants a chat to me and see how far it gets me. Fellas if you dont like being shouted at and sometimes doing crap jobs maybe you should sign off and go crawling back to whatever hole you feel comfortable in. AGAI 67 SEEMS TO BE WORKING.I would rather be working longer hours and more tours with guys I can trust than having to fill out tons of paperwork for a bunch of lowlifes
not all Privates are like that i have some good lads working for me I also realize some snotty little cretin will read this and pull it apart but after 12 years i think i have a right to moan at the state of some privates, Well thats me let off some steam thanks for listening
I dont believe it is just the RLC that suffers from this attitude I thik you will find its Army wide
It is not just the Privates either i know SNCO who have been AGAI 67 too
Why is this in the RLC forum?

Yes, btw, or at least they think they can get away with murder now everything had gone all "fluffy".

Such fookers.
i agree with all posts so far, yes they are little shites, ive just left the REME and id say its worse there, having had an RLC S/S and RLC drivers though i always noticed them to be quite respectful, ie calling you by your rank etc etc, REME Cfn nowadays will not call anyone below S/Sgt by thier rank.

i think they all need a shooing! anyone agree?? :twisted:
I suspect I work somewhere qite close to freebie and know a bit of the background to his rant. Bullying is not being told what to do by some one of higher authority. However has anyone else noticed that when telling Ptes or JNCOs to get on with something, whatever it may be. They now look at you as if to question your authority or challenge your position. Scrotes then go running to nearest soft shite boss and get people in the shite for doing their job. The Army should be a hard place to be - an adults world. Training is the best form of welfare - train em right, they dont die, if they dont die no welfare problems.
General Melchett said:
Why is this in the RLC forum?
.... because I couldn't be arrsed to move it.....

If you have the managerial abilities of a dead fish, allied with a distinct lack of personaility, I imagine it would seem as if Private soldiers run the army.

If however you have anything at all about you, you will note that they don't..

As Optimus Prime says, document/be transparent in all that you do, treat people fairly and use any rank you have to protect them where necessary (from similarly trained dead fish management).

If we all put something in, we will get a lot more out! This the army is not what it was garbage is wearing thin!
[Yawn] Sorry, what was that about lack of personality? :lol:

Going by the replies on this thread, it seems that you might be in the minority Mr H... that, or there are a lot of battered haddock giving orders... methinks it's the former. :wink:

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