Do Poor Weapons Hinder Germany in Afghanistan?

Do Poor Weapons Hinder Germany in Afghanistan?

By Ulrike Demmer
German soldiers in Afghanistan are seeing more action than ever, resulting in more deaths and injuries. The growing body count has sparked debate over soldiers' equipment and doubts as to whether the current limits on engagement are appropriate.

Taliban militants in Helmand province: Should German soldiers have to wait until they are attacked before striking back at insurgents?

The soldier is afraid for his life. He can only see about 15 Taliban in front of his armored vehicle, but judging by the Kalashnikov fire and anti-tank weapons coming from all sides, there must be more. He fires back, but he has no idea whether his bullets are hitting the intended Taliban targets. His comrades in the German armed forces, the Bundeswehr, have thrown in smoke grenades as an evasive tactic and they have covered the area with a thick cloud. But he knows he must be killing something.
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Not the weapons - poor politicians who still do not want Germany to be seen as an agressive force as memories of the 30's and 40's burn deep. if they cannot change their mind set then more German soldiers will be killed - better for them to pull out.

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