do our politicians have the nations interests at heart?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by milkmclane, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. yes! its the reason they get into politics

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  2. no, they are acting in our best interests

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  3. some are, some arent

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  1. just a poll to see what you think of our politicians and whether or not they are out for themselves.
  2. The wording of your options leaves lots to be desired, "no they are acting in our best interests" is not very clear!
  3. well what would you have said then?
    maybe im just stupid but to me its pretty clear, the top one is yes, middle one is no, bottom one is both.
  4. Yes but your question is an either or choice, making it unclear which option you are answering too
  5. How about this:

    No, they are not acting in our, or the country's best interests
  6. With the coming of the Professional Politician the days are long gone when the citizens of UK come first.
    Now the Great Pro has moved into Westminster and is busy furthering her own interests.
    Give the average UK politico another pair of legs and she'd open in Europe.
    Apologies to one Mr. B Connolly.
  7. So I've got the option of a) Yes, they do have the nations interests at heart or b)they have our interests at heart.
    I'm assuming the second one is meant to mean they that don't have our best interests at heart and [sic] implicitly do not have the nations interests at heart.

    Re-read what you write man.

    It's a devisive and hugely general question anyway, not worth discussing.
  8. I think some of the elements are worth discussion... like the question of whether career politicians are a good or bad thing for this country (would personally say that it's a terrible idea, and that people like David Cameron should be made to go and do a proper job first, but I'm old fashioned...)
  9. Career politictians are bad.

    But until the country stops voting for these nincompoops that is what we will get.
  10. I would stop voting for them if there was a choice.
  11. Howabout 'They have the best interests of the nation at heart when those interests coincide with their personal political convenience' sound about right?
  12. "do you think our politicians act in their best interests or the nations?"

    That should be nation's. Is English your first language? :D
  13. Presonally I believe they all "THINK" they are working for the countries best interest and if they can get a little extra out of it thats a bonus ............


    The problem is they are surrounded by PC advisors and various ethnic, religious, industry and banking arse wipes who all feed them full of crap!!

    Instead of listening to the people they listen to a small small minority and the press and make bad decisions over and over again. That and I actually think they dont know how to deal with the big issues as their scared of being labelled racist or losing the vote of x or y group so they fart arse about around the edges hence the nanny state - one day and hopefully soon we'll get a PM or party leader who can make speeches like Churchill, inspire the nation and run the country properly ................... or is that wishful thinking?
  14. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Unfortunately we need politicians. We also need the most talented people to want to be politicians. One of the problems we have at the moment is that being a politico is increasingly unattractive and therefore is not attracting the right people. Its one of the reasons for the dearth of talent in Parliament.

    I doubt if many people go into politics with a view to getting their snouts in the trough - in fact I'm sure that most honestly believe they are doing the right thing. The problem is that they tend to be corrupted by the party system.

    "I can't do any good unless I'm in power, therefore whatever I do to get power is justified because its for the common good - I can't continue to do good unless I remain in power - therefore whatever I do to remain in power is justified because its for the common good."

    As for the snouts in the trough bit and the dubious claims, unfortunately the system is set up in such as way as it encourages people to make claims in the grey area.
  15. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Can't vote on any of the above - I agree with other posters - it's too ambiguous.

    OK so far.

    Should read "They act in their own interests"

    Should read "They act in the interests of their country"

    Should read "Some act in their own interests, some in the interests of the country".

    If it works like that, then put me down for "They are a bunch of self-serving, greedy toe-rags who only have to take a whiff of the food in the trough before their weaknesses come to the fore, their high-minded ideals get thrown out of the window and they fill their fat little faces from the trough that is presented to them."

    When you get to play with hundreds of billions of pounds of someone elses money, plus a big army of soldiers, it takes a VERY strong person not to be overcome with messianic ideas, or to resist the temptations of their own selfishness and greed.

    Sadly, there's too many career politicians with no experience of the real world, and there's too many with massive chips on their shoulders about perceived inequalities in society without any understanding as to the best way to rebalance such inequalities whilst keeping envy and bile out of the equation.