Do our politician lack leadership skills....

Are our Politicians Good Leaders?

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It is very quiet day at work.

I have had this idea that the current crop of Politicians ( of all parties) are basically a bunch of managers rather than true leaders, this has been bouncing around my brain for week now. Time to expose it to a reasoned audiance!

To explain, I understand that Blair is the Leader of the Labour Party and the elected head of state. Therefore he is the LEADER of this country and not its’ CEO. Sadly noticeably under Labour in the past ten years we seen a loss of leadership and instead a Management Approach to politics.

Basically the politicians of today who respond only to Consumer Pressure (i.e. Mail/Express/Scum or whatever paper can generate a storm in a Tea Cup) not the electorate. There performance is a series of achievable (one hopes) and measurable targets, which they set themselves.

So take a few issues to illustrate this:

Green Issues (Fuel Dependency) - The politicians all jump up and down about cutting emissions and using public transport etc. Well fine but here are a few ideas, replace all government owned vehicles with less polluting versions e.g. Hybrids, no choice (they and we are public servants). Stop paying travel allowances to MP for driving and only give them money to travel by public transport. Rather than making new homes better insulated set new building standards that would force the entire building stock over 10-20 years to a better standard. Increase Road and Fuel Duties but return it to Public Transport. Stand up and tell the country way this is a good thing.....short term pain for long term gain, improves our chances of surviving economic shock from another oil crisis, improves our current account deficit and the list goes on......yet we have not heard a clear consistent message about this for fear of upsetting various groups....

Iraq and Terrorism. - The only thing that TB has genuinely tried to lead on was the Iraq war and I think he had no choice since he had already agreed to go in with Bush before he started the sales pitch, at the infamous cabinet meeting I think three Cabinet or Jnr Ministers resigned believing in collective responsibility. Sadly he could not sell it to the people (60% against or no view) the day before the war started. The response to terrorism is just as bad...... start by saying that they are seeking cross party support and then fcuk parliament over by announcing the plans without consultation etc etc...

Pensions. - Hide behind Turner Report, then ignore the report and pretend the problem does not exist. All the MP should be standing up saying this is huge issue affecting public and private employers/employees, then set a good example. Make every MP demonstrate that they are saving towards their own pension. Adjust the incredibly generous deal that MP gets etc etc.

The point being that although I do not agree with much of Ms Chakrabiti's view or that of the many other single issue groups, they are winning because of good strong leadership. Worse because they are single issue they do not have to do nuance, where as at a political level some compromise is needed.

So unless we want to live in a country of single issue politics, with the public being swayed by the media, it must be time to rattle some cages and remind politicians of all colours that they are leaders not managers.

Okay I know the ideas put forward are of a Liberal ilk but in terms of the key question:


Yes or No or it does not matter.....discuss

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