Do OTC Girls still put out?

Do OTC Chicks still give out like chinese money lenders

  • Too Right - Wednesday night cant come quick enough, unlike me.

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  • Nah - Clamydia killed the radio star

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  • Anythings possible after enough cheep booze

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Just curious.

As I recall, dangerous on the ranges, vortex in the field but awesome on the p!ss.
Christmas Ball, Russell Sq 1999, PSIs desk.
May Ball Russell Sq 1998, ladies loos, etc etc....

Ironically, I was never in OTC, just helping out on the range!
Cuddles said:
OTC - The only place where where "Brand new Second Lieutenant" translates as "incredibly sexy, oh how I want you, take me now..."
Oh how true, big fish/small pond etc. Suprisingly never happened in the regs though. Gutted! :(
Given that the prevailing option so far seems to be enough cheap booze, does that really make OTC girls different from any other girls?

Except, of course, that cheap booze is more easily available in an OTC bar than most places elsewhere...

Nearly all students have finished their courses and have now left uni for holidays/work for the summer, it is just a few left trying to motivate themselves to do some revision for remaining exams. Only a few days left now.......
no, she was the Brig's.

Thanks for the knuckle wrap, my fault for sheep like copying of arrse spelling.

of the brig. i remember when a one star had twin daughters at the same otc. much amusement as local oik (brig daughter no 1's squeeze) was kept away from daddy, unaware of respectable boyfriend at home. even more amusement when another juo (daughter no 2's university horizontal refreshment- but he knew the score) presented the brig with a drink with his thanks. brig slightly non plussed, but juo thought two months trouble free boffing was worth one scotch and soda.

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