Do OP AKs get attached to an Infantry Regiment

Hi im just wondering to observation post assistant soldiers from the royal artillery get attatched to an infantry regiment. and is there role an infantry based role

You generally don't get detached as an individual, but you do work alongside them (or tanks) on exercise as part of an OP detachment. You would work pretty much at the front line, rarely any further back than the company commander.

Apologies if this is patronising but I am assuming you are looking at joining as opposed to already in. For me working in the OPs is one of the best jobs you can do in the Army.

Hope this helps.
Silent_ell said:
Just notice your user name. I think I may have got the tone wrong there! I assumed you were a young 'un choosing a job.
You got the tone right, and the lad is looking to join, amicably he has used the forums to find the job that will get him in, I checked through his posts.
Lol, it was my experience that we spent more time with Infantry and tank/recce guys than we did with our own Battery "hods" when on excercise etc, we would be punted from pillar to post depending on who requested us..

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