Do older CMT's get a Raw Deal

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by CMT_Disgruntled, Feb 17, 2002.

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  1. I feel that the Corps isnt doing enough to promote the civi type quals/NVQ's to the Older CMT's. As we all know the CCC get nice shiney Certificates. ( i want 1)

    Does any1 else feel undervalued like this??

    Would appriciate veiws on this, especially from SSM
  2. CMT

    CMT Clanker

    I think there is a large grey area in the Corps, where CCC have taken over. What i mean is that there are alot of older CMT's awaiting their JM but cant do it (or have to wait years) because the emphasis seems to be focused on the success of TRi-Service and CCC. They seem to be put first and the older of us pushed back.
    After their gastronomical Phase 2, they are almost ready for promotion, and on getting it will be put in a role of sect comd/2ic with little or no experience with guys who have been doing the job for 10 years in some cases below them. Round Peg, Square Hole.
  3. :eek: :eek: :eek: WOW my opinion actually interests someone ??? OK this answer will be a long one ?

    Firstly I will count myself as an older (not old) CMT and answer disgruntled's point. Sadly in the british Army too many soldiers have a terrible habbit dot very disimilar to children (want want want) but they want everyone else to get things for them. Most if not all of the NVQ/C&G qualifications awarded to CCC are available to the older CMT 1 and if BARTS has been completed then there are more quals to be had. I have numerous Trauma related courses under my small belt which enable me to hold even more civ quals. I am not disgruntled that I had to write the odd letter or put together the odd thesis to get a civy qual and neither should you be. Use the Army grant and your own common and get the quals. Believe me I know so many people that sit around saying the Corps should get me them ? we know that aint going to happen. Dont be stubbern be sensible get the quals yourself.
  4. Skygod I hear where you are coming from but I am not sure you have many facts to back up your argument ?. Having worked on the coalface so to speak for the last 6 years I have never seen a CCC spotty dweeb get on his or her JM prior to a more deserving "old school" CMT. Sadly the JM is loaded by records after a soldier has provisionally been selected for promotion to Cpl which means if you have seen CCC soldiers completeing JM then someone somewhere is giving them the wrong CR's. Also about 8 years ago there was a plan to place all CCC soldiers on their JM prior to leaving phase two not to promote early but so as not to have to bring them back for 5 to 8 years to complete a SM.
  5. Sadly the CCC soldiers have been dealt a raw deal
    (in my opinion) They have been made by our Corps and sadly they are hated by old school CMT's but this is not their fault. The other reason I feel they have been dealt a duff hand is that they are trained to an exceptionally high standard (in comparison to old school CMT 3) (lets be honest) and they are released to the wolves (US) without any practical ability. CCC is the biggest advancement in our trade training for 30 years sadly it has been mis managed and it has only been made available to new soldiers. What is needed is a annual re trade course for all CMT's no matter what the cost is it should happen. I am slightly grieved at having to spend my time and effort getting myself to local hospitals to complete I & I's and having to purchase Ross and Wilson and emergency care in the streets every year CMT's save lives and as such should be tested and re trained annually ? so there (lost it there towards the end) didnt mean to ! couldnt help oneself !!
  6. I think about my answer carefully over a few days then I give an honest answer and nobody cares not doing it again I'm off to the NAAFI for a fight with some girls  :-[
  7. CMT

    CMT Clanker

    SSM - You wrote some good points, but however, i wrote with experience.
    I was getting excellent CR's and was awaiting JMQC, but i was sad to see that at the time, CCC was new, and i think a good impression was needed to be made.  Henceforth these guys were getting loaded on and i was sat back seething.
    I was speaking to a Col in the Corps on our last night in Bosnia, the whole unit were happy to be going back after 6 months, so the beer i the hotel flowed freely - and so did some questions (tactful of course).
    Basically, the bottom line was "We are concentrating on CCC presently, so i think the older Lcpls will have to wait until the evaluation phase has been completed before any final decisions are made."
    Is this evaluation period still going on???
  8. The evaluation period was only to do with trade related skills not promotion ? And there have been the odd CCC soldiers that has made it onto the JMQC but believe me they are the excellent ones only and there will always be bods that get on courses early. Me for instance I got on my SMQC 4 years early it happens ! Plus the CCC soldiers are fighting for LCpl slots so the LCpls shouldnt worry as they have time and CR's on their side.
  9. :eek:
    I know where skygod is coming from although a Q.A. the system is relatively the same.Nurses wjho are qualified are loaded onto the J.M. straight away.This leaves little or no slots for people waiting to get on.The only way is for some poor sod to break their leg etc and not be able to go.
    The J.M. is essential to get a substansive rank.Without it  you have to throw yourself on the mercey of your matron (ooooohhhhhh matron) every year in the hope they don't take a dislike to you and pop you down to lance jack.Not really the best way to do things.
  10. DPM you lost me for a second there ?

    Nurses who are qualified are loaded onto JM straight away. People waiting to get on have little or no slots left ?

    Do you mean RGN/SEN whatever get on before HCA ?
  11. Please use spell and grammar check next time.
  12. Please use spell and grammar check next time. Want me to continue?
    P.S. How tasty and nourishing is the gastronomical phase 2?
  13. Strop

    You should get out more at weekends ??

    The phase three of a new CMT's (CCC) training the phase where they learn about tents, HPP's, DS Set up etc should be run an the nearest Med Regt over a 2 week period this would enable DS's to:

    a. Check its kit.
    b. Re train any GIMPS in the Regt.
    c. Slowly intergrate the new CCC students.
  14. As we all know the CCC get nice shiney Certificates. ( i want 1)

    Disgruntled, ccc dont in a sense get shiny quals on leaving keogh, they do the new tri service course which is 12 weeks long, at the end they get, this is true by the way!: a hse first aid at work certificate! and a city and guilds nvq in pre hospital care, which if you go to your rao you will find you can purchase for 26 quid, i know as my staffy just got it prior to leaving.
  15. gus