"Do NOT click this link"

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"Do NOT click this link" - so you click it, you dont like what you find when you click it, you were warned, then you have the cheek to cry to the admins (who sneakly change my link to the bbc).

Id hate to think how you got along following orders i.e simple instructions.

Those who clicked it and havent cried; :wink:
I complained.

You put the link in a thread that made it look like it would be something to do with the late LNV.

Clicking on it floods the PC with porn. This is pretty juvenile and can land people using work machines in severe pooh.

Like I said, dont come back and say "I told you not to."

You did it to cause nuisance, for no other reason. and you should be big enough to admit it and say sorry.

Before you gob off you might like to consider wether or not you have committed a breach of the Telecommunications Act.
lol! you fool

Its been there for ages, i knew it was you who'd been crying but thought id let you look silly. PORRN - isnt porn you idiot. Why did you click it anyway?

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