Do not click on this unless you have a spare life.....

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Hairy_Fairy, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. Got me already, can't even start the bloody thing.
  2. Yeah, but I can't start it worserer than you though. I've clicked more thingies than a thingy thing but can't start it.
  3. Read Rule 5 carefully. It tells you how to progress.
  4. Stuck on 4. Bloody good this.
  5. It's designed to work with Firefox only :x
  6. I take it then that you are further along than me? :)
  7. Nope :( Don't have Firefox so can't start the thing either :evil:
  8. You dont need firefox to start it. Im on IE and got to level 4.
  9. I'm using Opera. So give us a clue how to get started then :?:
  10. youranswer
  11. Oh dammit! I should have known. Thanks lol.

    And I have FireFox, and it works for me.

    The awnser is in rule 5.
  12. Concentrate on rule 5. You'll kick yourself.
  13. have a good look at the page....
  14. Im using FF and on lvl 3. Red Herring, this is barmy.