Do muslims really think Gillian Gibbons is a secret agent??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by headgear, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. Just seen breaking news - apparently thousands marching in Sudan demanding the death of the teacher Gillian Gibbons.

    It might be that I'm a biff but I can't understand how sudanese muslims think she's covertly been inserted into a Sudanese school by the western powers to instigate the fall of Islam.

    I think like a lot of do-gooders she was asking for trouble going any where near a third world country. Perhaps people like her will now realise that we will never fully understand muslim sensibilities and should leave well enough alone!
  2. Fcuk Yeah! Get with the programme Crusader.
  3. Thousands of people have been demonstrating...
    Hundreds of riot police...

    Looks like they really want to contain the situation :S
  4. I wonder what'll happen in Britain when Sharia law's implemented -its only a matter of time!
  5. Of course being a teacher you would expect her to have an ounce or two of common sense and think:

    "Mmm Sudan a 'secular' country in name but actually split in two by religion, now am I in the Southern sensible part or the Sharia Mad North?"

    "Isn't Mohammed of some signifigance within Islam"

    "So shall I sugges to the kids that we use a different name?" (Whilst patting young Mohammed who suggested it politely to encourage further input)

    Of ocurse questions must be raised over the whole handling of the case, did th eschool do enough, they have an on site Imam, if the teddy bear wasnt constructed to be named Mohammed then it cannot under Sharia be an efigy!

    As it was probably made to be called teddykins then for sake of common sense and all things sensible thereof treat it as it is a simple mistake.

    What would be the outcome of withholding aid, more innocent people die, for what playing to the egos of a bunch of extremist buffoons.

    I can't help but wonder if the World wouldn't be a better place wihtout religion of any kind?

  6. Riiiiight......
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    At least the Muslim Council of Britain hs said its all a bit barking and those Muslims interviewed on the street for the BBC are saying she was nieve but its no biggie.

    Sudan is a boil on the arse of Africa and its just political manouvering at the expense of some foreigner.
  8. Two very good points.
    Do gooders often are well intentioned but naieve, like that burk who went to Iraq and had to be rescued by the SAS.

    Perhaps our gillian was sent to spy on the inside of a sudanese jail.
  9. .....and of course the whole shooting match has absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with Britain's current relationship with the Sudan.....,,2068419,00.html
  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    They really are stupid if they believe we will relent because they lock up a school teacher on some bullsh1t charge. :oops:
  11. Think you've answered your own question there, mate... :roll:

    What they lack in stupidity, they make up for in ignorance.
  12. Should I be worried that my Aunt teaches in the Yemen?

    That she openly declares (to us) that she is half cut most nights and only wears the cover up stuff because it lets you sweat discretely?

    Plus when she takes female only school trips away, they apparently all turn up in decadent western outfits and remove covers as soon as the last male is left behind...

    Weird. I suppose the fact she get about a squillion quid more there than she did in Birmingham may be the driver.
  13. These marches are religious mass hysteria,after friday prayers.While we in UK continue to try to appease all muslims,these events will increase.
  14. Which has what to do with the Sudan situation?

    We're not busy appeasing Sudan, we're busy telling them to stop trying to liquidiate a portion of their population.

    The Sudanese press have been running anti-western stories since we've been putting the pressure on. I've not seen a copy of today's Sudanese Daily Mail as it were , but I can hazard a guess as to what it says.

    Gillian has been sentenced to 15 days of which she's already served 6 , followed by the first BA Heavy back to London.

    She's a pawn in a greater political farrago , centred on Darfur, alleged Sudanese human rights abuses etc etc etc.

    But as long as the Sudanese Government can use Western media effectively, sheep in both countries will baaaaaaaaah loudly.