Do most of you NCOs and COs where this boot in the Regs or TA?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Knightwars4, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Don't mind the website or anything. Yes, I'm ACF.
    Just wondering because I plan on doing some PT in the Brecon Beacons this summer wearing these and with a Bergen if I some how manage to get one on the cheap.
  2. Yes
    but sometimes
    it depends really
  3. If you do PT in the Beacons in a new pair of those, you'd better have a wheelchair on standby because they're guaranteed to completely wreck your feet if you don't break them in. If I were you - and if you value being able to walk - I'd pop into the army & navy stores in Brecon and see what extra-comfy expensive pairs they have on offer there.
  4. You're a cadet why are you planning on training in Brecon?
  5. Thanks for the advice ZO. When you mean break them in do you mean as in wearing them will make them fit you better? How about I try some normal civvie trainers at Brecon?

    Also, just out of curiosity. Have you trained at Brecon?
  6. Yes, been there and to be honest with you, PT over the Beacons isn't really a solo activity - the weather can turn and before you know it you're in for an unscheduled night out in fog so thick you can't see your hand. Most squaddies will shell out for a pair of boots that protect your feet. Assault boots are OK if they come with the gel insole things, and if you wear them with those thick wooly socks they issue if you're lucky. If you're just doing PT on your own, I think you should look for some Magnum Hi-Tec boots (they're about £50-70ish but worth it)
  7. I might as well use a jet pack...or borrow an Iron Man armour... :)
  8. stay out of the mountains if your on your own and inexperienced.
    even if you think they are only green hills they can and do kill people.
    assualt boots are ok but just about anything would be better but if your a cadet they are probably good enough.
  9. You're 14, I'd think long and hard before venturing out there especially on your own. As others have said the Brecon Beacons have killed people with a lot more experience and a lot more training than you.

    If you do decide to go up there then those boots will/or should be fine as long as you break them in properly.
  10. I would be careful, fair play to being commited and having enthusiasm at your age but don't try to over do it. As its been said the Beacons are more of a group activity and not a smart idea for a solitary 14 year old. I assume you want to Tab with a full bergan as well which I would also be wary about. Your still developing and strenuous exercise involving weights and heavy loads may casue serious damage at the stage you are now.

    Whatever boots you get they will need to be broken in and I would suggest gradually , theres nothing more of a hinderance than being midway through a weekend ex ( with cadets) or a long walk/tab and having your boots causing pain and discomfort.

    As an aside im quite interested in what people say as im planning to do something similar
    (although im a fair bit older at 22) in the Chiltern, Malvern, and Lickey hills.
  11. The Malverns are probably a better bet than the Beacons.... Starting by going to Brecon is like going for the Formula 1 title when you're just learning to ride a trike. You're probably going to do more harm than good!
  12. nothing wrong with wandering up peny-fan or whatever its called with mates and prefably somebody who can use a map and compass if the weather packs in.
    trying to do the fan dance on your own is idiotic,. mountain rescue deal with enough idiots don't be one
  13. I'd suggest some bates falcons ,the soles are nice and knobbly like some X country running shoes but have a little more ankle protection and there not to pricey !
  14. Thats what I use and I can recomend them. They are light and comfy and you don't really want to start long rang tabbing in heavy boots at your age. Nothing personal, but your body is still growing and its quite easy to damage it if your not carefull.

    Good luck though, the hill walking in Britian is some of the best in the world. As long as you don't have blisters the size of 50p's.