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Do MOD Own Medals

My brother sold his medals to a Medal dealer in London, He was very skint at the time and had a very good offer. Now he wants to buy them back but the dealer who still has them is refusing. My brother is still serving in the REME. Are there any MOD laws that he can get them back or is it up to the dealer. Or will they both lose out. Any help would be great Cheers
The dealer must be dodgy, because any legitimate dealer will insist on seeing the soldier's discharge paperwork before buying them.
Maybe your brother can use this knowledge to his advantage and take a few hefty mates along for 'moral suport'
sandy_boots said:
Medals are part of his uniform if serving and thus an offence for him to have sold them. Best he comes to a financial arrangement with the dealer.
Very true. Medals are MoD property until you leave the forces. It is an offence to sell your medals whilst serving. A sergeant who sold his on ebay has just been demoted to full screw as the mong gave out his name and number which someone duly noted.