Do Middle Class Tipplers Cost Us More Than Chav Bingers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Oct 16, 2007.

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  1. Hence the line 'I used to have a drink problem, but now I can afford it'

    Seriously though, people just need to be educated and see that alcohol is just as harmful a drug as all the others if not kept to moderation.
  2. Q : Do Middle Class Tipplers Cost Us More Than Chav Bingers
    A : No Sven. 'Us' includes 'you'. As a work dodging non-taxpayer, they don't cost 'you' anything.
  3. Middle class tipplers are of course (generally) drinking in their own homes, or at a friends. not the same as downing several bottles of alcopops/stella in the park/outside tescos and causing trouble. The middle class drinkers are also contributing to the UK economy by having jobs, paying tax and such like.
    Who costs the UK the most? The teenage drinker lobbing bricks at shop windows or the couple in their comfy detached house quietly rotting their own livers which their private healtcare will cover?

    (the above is, of course, a very general view and can be misinterpreted any way you like. and it probably will be)
  4. Oh, I don't know, it seems to sum me up rather well. :oops:
  5. Actually Sven I think the whole report is a pile of poo.
    People choosing to not work and live on benefits cost us far more. Rich massive earners who pay little/no tax cost us more. Government beurocracy costs us more.

    Now most of those drinks that the people you are deriding comewith a huge tax on them. The people are not smashing places up when they drink. Seems like pure window-dressing to me.
  6. Who costs us more? The middle class tipplers that work five days a week and presumably contirbute to the economy, or the unemployed doleite, benifit thief with 3 kids and no income?

    Thats a tough one, let me think.
  7. Given that it is reported in the Telegraph and therefore clearly aimed at the middle class tippler audience then it probably means bugg*r all as a news story. Clearly the chavs cost us all more as their contribution back to society is pretty marginal whilst the middle class tippler has probably given something back in the form of taxes etc.
  8. This report is just the latest shot in the anti drinking campaign.

    They have demonised smoking and banned it, demonsed hunting and banned that, shooting is going the same way.

    Drinking is next, prohibiton is not far way.
  9. The scores on the doors:

    Runnymede: 26.4
    Harrogate: 26.4
    Surrey Heath: 26.0
    Guildford: 25.5
    Mid Sussex: 25.5
    Mole Valley: 25.5
    Leeds: 25.3
    Elmbridge: 25.3
    Waverley: 25.2
    Woking: 25.0

    Bitterly disappointed! I live in the rather posh area of Elmbridge (Something else for you to google about me RFUK), if they'd asked me, then I'm sure we could've scored higher!
  10. Nope, but they are suffering from or setting themselves up for such chronic diseases as schlerosis etc. They ARE becoming a strain on the NHS. and are You all saying that a chav plumber doesn't pay more tax than salaryman UK? Or that a chav train driver doesn't pay more tax than a shop manager?

    Edited to add extra bits
  11. So what if it costs us (not you Sven) money? At least they are paying for the service!

    And while we're on about costing money for our vices , the overweight should be denied all treatment for related illnesses. Your 'illness' is self-induced you lazy etc.

    Smokers however should continue being treated for their ailments as again they have paid over the odds for the service. In addition not all smokers cost huge amouts of money and the die sooner costing less in pensions.
  12. Who was it that said that anyone should not be treated on the NHS - certainly not me.
  13. No they are not. They are funding the NHS. The tax on drink is enormous. It costs about 10p to make a pint of beer and about 30p to make a bottle of wine. Almost the entire price on booz is going to the treasury in tax. Add to that the "middle class" are in employment and paying tax. It is a friggin cheek to say that these people are a drain on resources.

    The biggest drain on UK resources are the people that choose to live on benefits and imigrants who enter the UK for "free money".

    You have to be either joking/taking the p1ss/deranged to claim that the tax payers are a drain on our economy.

    WTF is it with plumbers/train drivers? I never called them anything. They work and pay taxes. Good for them!

    If you wish to argue with me then please retort to what I said.

    Added in EDIT: Everyone will become a "drain" on the NHS if they live long enough. The difference is tha some people paid into it.
  14. This is diversionary. Stop treating a) economic immigrants who come through immigration b) gay self-inflicted diseases and we would be back on our feet, top, middle or bottom.