Do Mi6 instigate insurgency in Chechnya?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Sep 25, 2009.

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    Interesting rumours.

    It is possible that some Britons of Arab or/and Muslim descent could join the insurgents in Chechnya. Could some of them be MI6 informers? I don't exclude it. But does it mean that British government tries to instigate onsurgency in Chechnya? Highly unlikely.
  2. If they were operating in the country they are hardly likely to take along a full set of USA documents surely!
  3. Yes...rather unlikely that a CIA operative would think that he needs his US driving license
  4. There are good reasons to have American documents. The border is quite near. In Georgia American documents would be very usefull.
  5. I was working in St Petersburg from 1998 - 2005 & I remember seeing on the main Russian TV channel a report during the 2nd Chechen War, i.e. well before 9/11, from one of their correspondents who had been looking into British Muslim support for the 'insurgents'. The reporter & cameraman were invited by the Imam to sit in on a meeting at the London Central Mosque, Regent's Park about the ongoing conflict in Chechnya. At the end of the meeting, a collection box was passed around for contributions to support the Muslim insurgents & a number of feisty yoofs leaving the meeting, on learning that the TV crew were Russian, started jostling them, roughed up the cameraman & damaged his camera. Some of them also said that they had recently returned from fighting in Chechnya. The Russian Ambassador in London protested about the incident to the FCO but got the typical brush off, 'No, no, can't be true, our Muslims are good boys' etc.

    So, I am sure that there are still UK passport holders fighting & dying in Chechnya (in the same way that they were fighting with the Muslims in the Former Yugoslavia & are now active in Afghanistan), but they are not 'English' & they are hardly instigated or run by MI6.
  6. I doubt that a genuine CIA operative would have his driving licence with him, but at the same time we have a history of formenting unrest in that part of the world.

    Tin hat on standby, but the Russians killed a British citizen in London in the most agonising way imaginable. There must be stuff going on the nature of which we can't conceive.
  7. Surely any western instigation via Chechnya would only pushes the Russians towards aiding the Taliban or other anti-western extremists.

    It's in Britain's interests for Russia to remain a complete sovereign entity. Russia falling apart and rival factions dividing mother Russia's considerable nuclear stockpile would not be good.
  8. Yes, it's a good post.

    Ian Traynor in Guardian wrote

  9. Can I have a pint of whatever Sergei is drinking?
  10. Just now I'm drinking tea. Riston, English elite tea exactly. Fine.

    For me it is absolutely clear that MI5, MI6, British governmet don't help, incourage or instigate activity of Chechen rebels in any way.

    But why some in Russia express such silly ideas, why Russian films (described by Ian Trainor) depict the British this way? I don't understand it.

    Anyway, I would like to express my deepest apologies for apparently baseless accusations made by some (undereducated) Russian politicians.

    I'm ashamed.
  11. Sergei

    Kadyrov is a loon. He's just looking for a chance to jump into Daghestan and Ingushetia. I know, lets look at those arch-Colonialists: The British! They're to blame, Comrade Putin! Believe me, the chaps and the chapesses from the FCO are not as good as the Kremlin have built them up to be. In fact, they're next to fukcing useless!
  12. Never heard of it.

    Did you write the above? :wink:

    I think most 'Western' volunteers for the Chechen cause are Turks, of whom there are far less in the UK than in Germany etc., and who have a degree of cultural attachment to the region (including a large Circassian diaspora in Turkey). Certainly, the main Chechen propaganda website is hosted in Turkey. 'Our' Muslims are far more likely to go off to Pakistan...
  13. Is it the same set of US documents that were claimed found in South Ossetia belonging to a black US Marine fighting the 58th Army? The ones that have never been heard of again, perhaps?

    The Kremlin trusting what Kadyrov says is akin to Washington believeing everything comeing out of Tel Aviv.
  14. MI6 in Chechnya - how far to nearest cappucino (sp?).
  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Many people with good reason to know claim that MI6 couldn't instigate a piss-up in a brewery...