Do Jews celebrate Good Friday... ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tubbs1970, Apr 3, 2010.

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  1. Just wondering.

    Thought that as they celebrate the murder of British Soldiers by Zionist terrorists (King David Hotel bombing), they might also celebrate sending Jesus on his course to immortality
  2. [​IMG]

    You've got my vote. :roll:
  3. Yes the do indeed celebrate Good Friday.... they call it "Gotcha day"

    It was Jews who started the craze for DIY over the Easter bank holiday, and up until recently the Golgotha branch of B&Q would be stacked out from dusk till dawn. Due to demand you couldn't get a 6 inch nail or a piece of "four be two" for love nor shekels.

    This is now a firm favourite in the Jewish calendar along with "The big Holocaust bake off"
  4. you are three days late (and at the wrong grid reference)
  5. Do you believe in Father Christmas, too?
  6. Don't tell me they killed Santa too!

    Was he a socialist revolutionary like Jesus? I thought Santa was just a good old fashioned philanthropist
  7. Take it that you're not a Spurs fan, then?
  8. LMAO, classic response :D
  9. Fixed that for you.
  10. Off thread but at a Christian church near here over Christmas there was a large tableau of baby Jesus and Mary, Mary and three wise blokes an all complete with a backdrop painting of the night sky and the Star of Bethlehem and....

    wait for it..

    Santa's sleigh screaming in through the night sky being pulled by reindeer. It's true!
  11. This Display is bought to you by HallMurk... ?
  12. Ha ha ha, brilliant!
  13. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Jesus wasn't a socialist revolutionary he was a Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Armourer, disgruntled after getting 7 days ROPs for trashing Fallingbostals wives club with a p1ss fountain on the bouncy castle.

    He PVR'd and made his way to Jerusalem and grew his hair, telling some easily led muppets his mum was a virgin and he was born in a barn as when quizzed by the Romans he couldn't remember an address.

    Judas (an AWOL green Jacket) saw through his lies and bubbled him to the Roman RMP

    He was lifted, bang to rights and nailed up.

    The Jocks, being jocks couldn't accept a simplified solution, after all, ever met a jock who didn't play for Rangers under 21s or be related to William Wallace and Robert the Bruce?

    At the funeral, stories started to come out about him being king of the Jews, but only gullible people believe that

    He is buried in Tidworth Military cemetry, next to Donald Syndon and the four SBS blokes tasked with bringing down the twin towers.
  14. The original version of the painting of the last supper was actually called "the last Schnelly" and depicted Big J's leaving do when he was posted back to bovvy on his gunnery course.

    Later versions had to have the yellow handbags and Gyros brotchen airbrushed out, but they left the togas on and only touched up the bits that showed Big J had double legged his pants and honked up down his front.

    Just after the scene depicted, Jesus, in a fit of Warsteiner induced lunacy windmilled into all of his own disciples over a misunderstanding regarding Peter's sister, and the sharing out of some imagined lottery winnings .
  15. Porridge - he was a Jock?

    Explains the donkey thing then. And the fact that the day Billingsgate market & Spinks gets turned over, he throws a picnic for 5000.

    Rising from the dead - just a bad hangover?

    Shortfuse - take over please, u made my saturday!