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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by LazyCaretaker, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. Catchers do it in the dirt


    Software Engineers do it over and over again until it looks like it works.


    Geneologists do it in trees....
    Generation after generation


    Zoo keepers do it with animals.


    Military personnel do it by the numbers


    Signalers do it with frequency, or at least until their gigahertz!

    Photographers do it in the dark, but they have to stop every thirty seconds to agitate.


    Experimental psychologists do it rigorously.


    Civil Engineers do it in the dirt


    Civil Engineers are responsible for the largest erections in the world.

    Mechanical Engineers do it with precision


    Mechanical Engineers have bigger tools.


    Bankers do it with interest.

    Penalty for early withdrawal.


    Electrical Engineers have greater potential.


    Assassins know just when to shoot


    Swiss watch makers have it timed just right

    Printers make it fit just right.


    Watchmakers do it for hours.

    Bell boys accept it as a tip.


    Dancers use the rhythm method.


    Mailmen deliver it six days a week.


    Tailors make it fit just right.


    Mathematicians do it by the numbers

    Computer scientists do it using I/O devices.


    Computer scientists do it asynchronously


    Computer scientists do it interactively.


    Computer scientists do it in batch.

    Computer scientists do it through the front end.


    Electrical Engineers do it in fields