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Do Insolvency claims affect your recruitment chances?

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I have applied to rejoin the army, i have applied to join the veterinary corps, however due to whole list of recent goings on so to speak I have been left with a hell of a lot of debt and still no steady form of employment and it is all just building up and getting worse by the day.

My application has already been accepted so as of the date of the application I had never claimed insolvency or a debt relief order.

i was just wondering if I was to do so no would it affect my chances of rejoining the army?
Think you need to contact the AFCO for definitive answer mate and be totally up-front and honest with them, don't hold a single debt back. They are well used to processing applications from chaps with debt issues and have acceptable / non-acceptable criteria. They'll need an absolute full breakdown of all liabilities and if applicable, arrangements with creditors. I joined with a lot of Uni debt so it's not a bar if you work with them. Good luck.
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