do inf get higher rates of pay??

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by cdogunner, Oct 5, 2006.

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  2. Jobs with the potential to be of high risk to the employee generally attract higher pay rates. On the army.mod website Infantry are bracketed in the 'High Pay Band'. Dont expect good money until junior ranks though!!!;)
  3. Infantry soldiers in the British Army are in the lowest pay bands because, despite them being most at risk, they don't posess specialist skills like those held by Int Corps, REME, R Sigs, SAS, RAMC etc, etc. The rates of pay for Infantry Private soldiers are nothing short of a disgrace!!

    A Pte in the regulars just arriving at his battalion from ITC is on around £35 a day including X FACTOR! As a TA infantryman, I sympathise with these kids who join now, do two weekends a month and after tax probably won't clear £100 - lots of hard graft, beasting, bullsh1t for very little reward frankly! No X Factor at all either, despite our increased liabilities for overseas service!!
  4. Erm Cutsy, the private infantry soldier wage is more that the private RAMC wage starting salary (which is in the lower band).
  5. that's because a RAMC recruit has done done any specialist training yet numpty!

    And yes, it is a disgrace that Inf quals mean feck all. I mean, an RSDC gets is in fact a combat technician but the only extra tin he gets is what the enemy chucks at him!