Do In Service Degrees exist????

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Heart_of_Darkness, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. During my interviews to attend RCB and RMAS I was assured that one of the great advantages of the Army was that whilst in it I could go full time to university. Now 4 years in, as an Infantry Officer I have found this to be a myth. There are lots of people, who met a guy who they think was Infantry who did a degree, but no real evidence. I have asked three AECs, MCM Div and various other people in my chain of command, none have even heard of In Service degrees!!!!! The frustating part is my chain of command and Desk Officer are keen to let me apply/attend to further myself, but not a single DCI or AGAI can be found. I am very set on gaining a degree via full time study but ideally dont want to leave the Army to do it. Any suggestions????
  2. I sincerely hope they do exist, or I'm in big trouble with my Unit when I get back!

    I found out via a letter from my Desk Officer that went out Corps wide about the DTUS scheme.

    Admittedly, I didn't get to see it straight away, it was 'found' after much harrasing of the Adjt, who recovered it from an old filing cabinet, in the basement, in an annex to RHQ, under a stack of crap etc......

    The procedure goes something like - apply via your Desk Officer before Jun (?) with your COs approval, sit a Corps level board, go to an Army Board at Glasgow, the results are out in Nov for the following Sept. It will help your case enormously if you already have an unconditional offer from one of the DTUS Universities. (Southampton, Newcastle, Loughborough, I forget the other one).

    I have a sneaky suspicion that Infantry capbages are not eligible as all the people I saw that had been accepted this year were either REME, RLC, RE or R Signals. Your Desk Officer or RCMO should be able to find out for sure.

    Good luck - it's an awesome 3 years, even if you do forego 3 OJARs!
  3. Pretty sure it is only Corps, so I guess it's either transfer or shut up?
  4. I know of a Dukes Offr who did an ISD at RMCS in 99 but the rules may have changes? All you can do is get your COs approval and then the decision is made by MS in Glasgow with MCM Divs input. Good luck I can fully recommend the 3 years!

  5. Top advice and all correct.

    10 Places army wide per year on the DTUS scheme.

    The other uni is Aston.
    No chance of getting on it if you're not in a technical corps.

    Historically other arms 7 services were permitted to RMCS in years gone by, but RMCS no more.

    You could always transfer to the RLC - not as daft as it sounds, there's currently 3 x Lts and 2 x Snr Capts (Inf & not RIR) going through the process
  6. MMMh, doesn't sound good, funny that Infantry Officers aren't allowed to get degrees but being a non grad affects our promotion and pay just as much! Looks like I'll have to do the distance learning thing, or maybe do the MPhil at Cambridge, as the info I have on that says you dont need to be a grad.
  7. Sold a myth? What a shock! :lol:

    Soldiers have always been told "you'll see the world and learn a trade". What a load of bo11ocks. Only some people ever learn a useable trade - it took me a wee while to realise that putting Mortar No2 man on my CV wasn't going to get me too many jobs. Fortunately I became a remf and I'm now looking forward to leaving after 22 years and (same thing we do every night Pinky) taking over the world with my various wierd quals in whatever I do.

    Might I suggest that you look into the Modular Masters Programme at Cranfield University.
  8. Don't lose too much sleep over it.... do you really wan't to do a BSc in Logistic Management.... i forgot to mention, the ISDs are vocationally orientated!
  9. Yes! I am placing supply chain specialists with 5 years experience into consultancy jobs at 700 pounds per day plus expenses for an 18-24 month placement.
  10. I always wondered why my father wanted me to do an Msc in supply chain, guess I would be a sight better off now.

    With the MOD banning RN officer promotions for budgetry reasons, they are not going to pay you to sit for 3 years in some dreaming spires, boffing undergraduates. This is not the days of BAOR. Admittedly the Army have talked of in-service degress, but as you say everyone thinks they know someone who might have taken one. The only officers doing ISD I have met were a few years ago and they were ex-Welbexians at Newcastle helping to set up the DTUS scheme. Then again when I did my War Studies MA there were serving RAF officers doing it as an ISD (but then I guess it was just one year).
  11. Sadly, they will, and do! Admittedly, DTUS is not a massive programme; this year I think it was 2 R Signals, 2 RE, 4 REME and 6 RLC. 16 YO's out of the 900 odd the Factory churn out every year is not a huge percentage.

    It's probably out of a different budget or something......
  12. sorry, I should have added non-techies.
  13. Its a good job they have sent you to university, as 2 + 2 + 4 + 6 = 14, not 16!
  14. I only went for the beer.......! :oops: :oops: :oops:
  15. And I can assure you it does taste good! :D :D