Do i sell my story?.....

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ex_sigs, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. My misses best mates boyfriend ..( with me so far) is a celeb. He has been picked to go on celebrity love island, but the press dont know yet.

    Question is, do i ring the Scum and sell my soul and pics?
  2. Thats it then, thats all the convincing i need !
  3. Fcuk yes......Money Incoming!
  4. Unfortunately Captain Cuddlefcuk is right for once, but don't tell him as much...

    Sell it mucker!
  5. Can't you give arrse and exclusive instead?
  6. No!


    Now your in a quandry arent you!
  7. Do that then the scum will pick it up from here
  8. Fuck it, I'd say yes. Get the journo-scum fighting amongst each other.
  9. I don't NEED telling I'm right because of the rules...

    Rule 1. Capt Cuddlebunny is ALWAYS right.

    Rule 2. In the unlikely event Captain Cuddlebunny is wrong, Rule 1 applies....

  10. Scum bag
  11. Love to give you an exclusive but my wallet is telling me different.

    besides which, Capt cuddlebunny may run to the scum and sell it before they see it on here...!
  12. Because Cuddlefcuk is a git!
  13. Don't worry Sweetheart, you'll lose that anger once the gender reassignment op goes through, just hope the site has G2 Loopy Bint as a name for you!
  14. Hold on!

    If you sell the story, your missus will find out. Your missus will tell her best mate. Her best mate will tell her boyfriend. The boyfriend will fret that he may lose the chance to appear on the programme. He will be pi$$ed off with his girlfriend and jack her. She will blame your missus and have nothing to do with her. Your missus will blame you for breaking up the friendship. You will end up getting divorced. The money that you got from the Scum will end up in the lawyers pockets.

    It's safer if the story is divulged by somebody you don't know. You don't know me, so PM me with the details and I'll save you a lot of grief. ;)