Do I qualify?

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by PapaGolf, Sep 1, 2011.

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  1. 19 years ago today, was my first walk through the front gate. Do I qualify for Old and Bold, or do us whipper snappers have to wait till we take the final walk through the front gate first?
  2. 22 years since I was collected at the station and jumped into a Bedford for my trip to the depot.
  3. 'Appy anniversary!
  4. 29 years next week......
  5. Sprogs! It was 52 years ago in November that I was marched (I use the term loosely) across the road from the station through the gate of the Junior Bleeder camp where I started my military career. It was dark, blowing a gale, the rain was horizontal and I could taste the salt in the air from the raging sea just the other side of the railway.
  6. Same camp,Sept.1 1959. (shudders in memory.)

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  7. I knew it was recognisable!
  8. Last week I had my second lot of PULHEEMS. Does that count?
  9. I think that 19 years might just edge you in the door, providing you remember rule number one for nigs, look listen and learn and
    only speak when it is your round, never ever volunteer except for snow queen,attachments to the septics or driving buses from Rinteln
    Wegburg etc full of nurses FTUO.

    Oh and never mention SA80 in the same sentence as the man killing ***
  10. 25 years since driving through (in a crappy white Cortina MKIV) the hallowed gates of RMAS

    29 years since first glimpse of Catterick having taken the 7.02 from Tenby in deepest Pembrokeshire; you lot were lucky that you got a bedford or white whale to pick you up, I had to a pay for a Taxi from Richmond.

    31 years since first look at Grantham for TA basic, a shit hole then and as far as I am aware, since I have never been back, a shit hole now.

    35 years since my first cadet camp .

    Fook me I now feel both old and bold.
  11. Penally Training Camp?

    The Giltars Arms is still as boring today, as was back then. I would know, I spent many nights sleeping on the floor there. I'm also ACF.
  12. No, and I almost hate to admit it, RAF Brawdy with the ATC but at least we got to play in Chipmunks and were taught 9mm and SLR by the Rock Ape gods of the day.

    In those days the De Valance was the place to go, Vodka and Orange for 50p, pissed out of your skull on this and pints of Wrexam lager at 40p, hoping to pick up a grockle on miners week from some godforsaken part of Yorkshire, whilst avoiding the very strange Status Quo "rockers" in the special corner.

    They got their own back by sending me to a godforsaken part of Yorkshire which appeared to have been developed purely for Status Quo fans.
  13. 24 years 31 Aug 87 . Still got the 1 way ticket stub .
  14. 37 years (07 Aug 1974) and it just seems like only 20 years ago!
  15. 46 years plus. (05 Jan 1965) aged 15 when I stepped off the train at Wool. Trying very hard to remember the eight digit number I had in my pocket, only to be shouted at by a 16 year old JLCpl.. Happy days.