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Do i put the Int Corps as my 1st choice?

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Ive got ADSC in a couple of weeks and my job choices are 1st- HCav 2nd-Royal Artillery 3rd- Int Corps. Int Corps are 3rd because i simply dont know enough about them, its all very hush hush!

Basically i was just wondering what this job is like, can you specialise in anything else apart from CI, HUMINT, SIGINT, EW, IMINT? and if so when. Im most interested in imagery intelligence and CI. What sort of things would i be doing in Afghan?

Im also a little bit worried that int corps has to much office work and powerpoint presentations involved, does it? I ideally want to do some field work and do something exciting so would it be best to stick to my 1st and 2nd choices.

Any would be great as im pretty stuffed otherwise.
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