Do I out the Walt?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by jimmys_best_mate, May 6, 2012.

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  1. A question for the Waltencommando - a gentleman I know of has been walting for years in an attempt to gain money and helping with the ladies.

    The stories he told have grown in complexity and scale over the years as one walting success after another has given him the confidence to try bigger lies.

    I first heard of him when he was claiming to be a fighter pilot and took in a couple of female friends of mine who were infatuated with him. After some success with that story though, he got more and more confident and claimed to be a lawyer, a spy and even the son of a senior official at court. I'd have been willing to let that go but he then starting claiming to be a war veteran who had been badly injured on tour, a scam which earned him well over six figures. He's even managed to scam his way into interviews in more than one local newspaper and even at least one TV appearance!

    I know for a fact that the twat's made a lot of money through his lies and conned more than a few gullible women into bed with his stories. One was left heart broken after he divorced her and went off with his new piece who seems to be just as taken up by the story as the first.

    So, do I out the wanker and attempt to see legal justice done for the money he's conned through his stories or do I say fair play for the number of stupid women he's conned and let him crack on?
  2. I've got my pencil and notebook out.... name please? ;)
  3. Here we fucking go........
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  4. Let the local paper and the sun do the work for you, just call them and let them know his name
  5. Is it Bear Grylls ?
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  6. In a nutshell, out the cunt.


    Not much on tonight.
  7. How has he earned this money and from whom?

    If you are sure he is scamming go to where he has gained the money from, inform them of your concerns, tell the Police and then tell us the outcome. Don't dangle another walt thread on here and await the standard drivel to be spouted by the usual suspects.
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  8. I think a lot of these "walts" can be mostly harmless people who want to big up the service they genuinely did and get a few extra bits of tin, the repercussions of this is usually just one-upmanship by some old guys in the RBL, leave them guys to it. When such waltism actually starts affecting other people so negatively and becomes obtaining money through false pretences it has crossed the line to fraud. I would shop this man to the police rather than name and shame, although you’re not likely to be done for libel if you publish something that any reasonable person could believe was true. He needs stopping definitely.
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  9. get a blowtorch and a pair of pliers...tie said walt cunt naked to a chair with barbed wire then get some bluds innit to sort him out...
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  10. Who hasn't used the 'I am a fighter pilot' line in order to bed a woman or two?
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  11. I used it on the lady Red Arrows pilot, it worked and she had to be removed from the squadron as she couldnt sit down anymore.
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  12. I totally agree! Out this scumbag. His stories will get more and more ridiculous, and he will hurt woman left right and center. How can you stand by and let this guy do this????
  13. Fuck it, people are right. I've got a photo of him somewhere that I'll stick up here in the morning for entertainment value for the group.
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  14. Dolphin trainer, that worked.
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  15. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    I've never used such a lame story to bed a gal. I'm a gentleman.
    ... I've been a Record Producer, Man on the balcony, "something in Whitehall. Not important really, but I'm not allowed to talk about it" and "I work in Security... no, not shopping Mall stuff and defo not SIA."