Do I need to send FAC in?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by CptDanjou, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. Ive just sold one rifle and purchased another from an RFD ,I want to retain the slot of the sold rifle ,the dealer said dont send my FAC in , just notify firearms admin in writing who will then issue another FAC leaving me to then destroy my old FAC upon reciept of the new one , the reason being they take a month to turn them around which will restrict usage, is this correct ?
  2. Last time I did this I needed to send in the FAC (swapping one .22 for another .22). My Firearms Offr wrote me a note to cover the gap in holding my licence so no impact on my shooting.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Thats not strictly the right thing to do but possibly a sensible option. Call your harrassed and overworked FEO for advice, its the shooting version of ask your PSI!
  4. You will need to send in your FAC with a letter requesting a "on-off one-on Variation".

    Your local fuzz should simply remove the firearm that you no longer possess and add a "slot" to the firearm to be acquired section.

    Being without an FAC for a month is no hardship as long as you have bought enough ammunition because you will not be able to buy any more with it.
  5. The ammo thing is the problem , I cant get to my supplier until this saturday and I only have seven days to get notification in , so its tough luck I reckon.
  6. One for One variations are free and you'll get the ticket back in a few days. The other way may be possible but why be different and possibly annoy the clerks who deal with your area? Best to keep them sweet because they can decide if you stay bottom of the inbox indefinitely!
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  7. Forgive me but I have no idea what you mean by that? Please explain
  8. Why is the seven day thing an issue? You don't send in your FAC for notification. You simply send your letter or if your FLO is happy an email to tell him of the transactions that have taken place.

    Then go and get your ammo and then apply for a one for one variation, which, as has already been mentioned, should be free.

  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I have un exchanged 1 for 1 slots still as I have sold stuff and written in stating I still want the slot but have yet to make up my mind, about twice a year I get a call asking if I want the slot or will give it up. I know I shouldnt but I do give the slots up sometimes as I cant fund the new toy yet. I can always get more, its not a problem!
  10. Just a reminder: you are actually supposed to ask the police for a temporary FAC, and only when you receive that first do you then send your original FAC in to be amended and re-issued.

    If you are not in possession of your actual FAC document, you cannot legally be in possession of your firearms. Technically that the same mandatory 5 years in the slammer as for any other unlawful possession of a firearm....
  11. Hmmmm? References?

    BTW the only temporary document that I know of is called a Permit and only allows possession, not use.
  12. I inherited my first 2 firearms. I was a member of a club at the time, but only shot sub 12ft pounds air rifles in field target comps and pest control.

    I applied for a sec1 FAC, and had a gun cabinet already fitted for my air rifles.

    Upon receipt of my application, Alt Wilhelm wanted to confiscate my guns. I politely declined to allow him to do this, reminding him that the FA1968 says that now since I have made an application, he has to refuse it first, and even then, I've got another month to appeal. The law says I can keep the guns but can't use them until a permit is issued.*

    I was advised by club members to take this stance, as members who had let the filth take the guns waited months and months and although they got them back, the guns were in a shocking state, often rusty and woodwork or optics dinged up. Some members never saw there guns again and were compensated for the loss.

    Have they changed the law? as I understood it, you could be in possession whilst awaiting an application decision and issue of a certificate.

    *I think my firm stance may have been the reason I got my cert in 5 days!
  13. I am interested where the 1968 Act allows you to be in possession of firearms without, FAC, Permit or RFD?

    The usual advice on inherited firearm is to lodge them with an RFD.

    BTW since the start of this thread in 2013, I have completely changed my advice on sending in FACs - I now say don't!.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    However the executor of a will isnt required to do so and thats in the 1968 act I believe!
  15. I looked for that exemption from having an FAC or RFD and could find it. Any offers?