Do I need to put weight on, or lose fat?

Hey all,

A lot of lads I'm training with have mentioned that I'm skinny, but I think the opposite.

I'm 5'8 and around 159lbs, due to start basic soon.

Am I going to be laughed at in basic?

Photos attached.


You are such a knobber! Haha no offence. Your not skinny, there's muscle there, your about right but there's no tone or definition. May I ask when you're starting basic? And get some hairs on that chest :p
Oh dear, it hasn't started yet but it will. How long before this one's relegated to the NAAFI Bar?
Henry I can give you 1 piece of advice, whats about to be said to you on here....take it with good humour and don't let it put you off the military.....these lad's can be quiet mean 8O
Hmmm, this has gotten off lightly so far; must be the bank hols or something.
Seriously, do lots of low weight/high reps for muscle definition.

Really, you need to grow some body hair, and you look gay as a meatball.
As my dear departed Father used to say,
"I'm going to tell you something now. Are you listening?
You're a fcuking knob"
GOD i gotta stop myself from ripping this one to i shall
Serious the rest of the guys will all be about the same im sure that and they will give yer some other things to take yer mind of what yer look like ha ha ....get bumpering that floor it will put muscles on yer muscles but remeber the most important muscle is the one in bettween yer ears
Don't worry about this too much. (and some of those bone reply's) You have the basic fitness building blocks to get you through Basic training. what is important is your willingness to be a team member and to help/encourage those that are weaker than you.(as a team the guy that struggles on the run may actually be the best shot, the best linguist, the best mechanic or whatever helps you win the day...... you need each other) strive to do you absolute best, show competitive spirit, work as a team and show some "balls" and you will be fine bud.

you fat cnut, you look abit bloated you surviving on rice and dirty well water, get a grip what was you thinking "oh hang on i will take a few pictures of myself and post them online"

just a quick question, when you had your medical, did they give you a chest x-ray

or just make you stand in front of the window :wink:
The fact that you care about what other men think of your body is very, very, gay.

They airbrush six packs on people in films, so if you really care and want to be the biggest and bestest beefer of them all, why not get a permanent marker and draw one on yourself. Minimum effort, maximum kudos. Job done.

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