Do I need to be built like a barn door?


Ive thinking of working as a door supervisor til I can get out to the sand pit. Thing is although im not a little bloke im not exactly massive either. So the question is- Do I need to be built like a brick sh*thouse?


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no not realy, my uncle isn't much taller than me, (5''8')...
he isnt built like a 'brick sh!thouse' either, but he is a doorman, and doesnt have any problem...

but he works with two realy big men... and i mean big, like bloody bears... lol

anyways all the luck mate :thumleft:



I am stuck in the UK for a while and have just done one of these to get a bit of extra cash.

As far as being built, its not even an issue anymore. Infact the UK security industry authority (which Im sure youre awear of) and a lot of clubs are trying to project a nice pink and fluffy image to the customer these days and ditch the old school bouncer look of skin head, steroids and black bomber.

Its supposed to be for anyone (inc little girls) to do these days as a 'nice', totaly normal job. Dosn't quite work that way if your on the doors in Kings Cross, but the point still stands for most local places.

The deal is to get training, its about 4 days for your door supervisors course. Its a gash 2 module thing which is basically common sense. They talk about a bit of body language, customer focus, being nice and a lot of legal stuff. No CQC or anything like that.

You then phone up the SIA order an infomation pack and send your certification off to them for processing. (mine has just come back after about 8 weeks).

Training is about 150-400 pounds depending on wether you do it with a local college (cheaper) or an enterprise training provider.
Then the license processing fee is about 150, but I think its just gone up to 200+.

Generally the job is a laugh, stand on the door of some student club, chat up the girls, earn about 12 pound an hour. Throw some d'ickhead out.

Some of the big well known clubs it gets a bit more professional, often the guys are ex-mil and work or have worked pulling security in hostile enviroments or the commercial CP market. I was trained by a fella who ran a very good course and spent a lot of time in the pit, and on doors when back home. Its actually a front line job when you take it to the top level, often coming up against drug dealers, serious crime, edged weapons and occasionaly firearms (doormen do get killed occasionally). Usually for about 25/30 pound plus an hour vest provided at that level.

Check out


Need any other info give us a PM dude, let us know how the interview went.....


Yeah, Im on the course now. Death by classroom but the instructors full of stories so its not that bad.

And as for the Armor interview it went well. Im on there standby list so as soon as they get to me im outta here. But could be a while and always good to have a backup plan. Especially as the doors in leeds pays 10-14 pund per hour.


The course u require is what i now teach. It costs £100 for the 4 days and there are two tests during this course. At present i am sub-contrtacted teaching a resettlement course, and of all the courses no-one from an ex-military background has ever blown it. The fee for the license is £245 but if u work for a company you can get ur licence paid for by them - just means u are tied to them but its a cost saved.

I am thinkin about setting up a course for military personnel in these security courses etc - any ideas before i meet CTP on a fact finding mission to apply to be put on the preffered suppliers list?

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