do i need soap on a rope?! haha

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by signals, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. are the showers singles or all in one? in baisic at lichfield
  2. i think there might be both.. at glencourse, there is singles in the main building with the bedrooms, and in the gym area, we showered in an open shower block. might be wrong though. also wondering this about catterick...
  3. Why? Wierdo.
  4. There are no showers we all bath together it's more fun
  5. Hard'n'fast eh? :thumleft:
  6. OH YEH
  7. Why are you worried that you might get a Raging Hard On ? Or have you got something that look's like a C*ck but Smaller :smile:
  8. im off to catterick 28th and as long as the bloke nxt to me gets excited lol i ai bothered
  9. i hope ur joking... lol
  10. Sound's to Me that your putting the Signal out that your intrested in some "Guy Pussy" Action ! :hump:
  11. either get your knob out with everyone else or be a smelly cnut lol
  12. then get it out during a regi bath
  13. do i need soap on a rope. Me thinks this should have been put in the gay chat thread lol :puker:
  14. Lmao where can i buy one :mrgreen: