Do I need a solicitor?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Sinner251, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. I work in a shopping Centre as security, about 6 weeks ago myself and a colleague removed a known shoplifter (A "Prolific offender"as described in the business crime news letter from Police) from a store and told him to leave the Mall, and wait at the entrance for the person he was with. Going back a few minutes later the guy was still in the mall so was approached by myself and again told to leave.
    He refused and started to be abusive, making the usual threats that his type make "I'll be waiting for you at closing time", "You're gonna get fucking stabbed in the dark one night", "You want to get me out? try it you've no idea whats in my pockets""I'll see you bleed cunt" and the all time classic "I know where you live".When he was initially refusing to leave a call was given via the town link Radio to Police, but we recieved no answer though we had heard Police on minutes earlier.
    All the time he was giving this crap out I had the button pressed on my Radio. So My colleague listening to this came up behind the guy whos attention was firmly fixed on me and pulled the guys hands out his pockets before he could react in case he did have something in his pocket. And gripping him by his Elbows marched him to the door. Once outside the guy immediatley came to come back in and my colleague blocked him and pushed him with open palms away from the door.
    The guy was screaming with rage and just kept charging at us, so he was pushed back again each time with open palms across the carpark. After he fell over (Basically he sat down) after being given a shove on charging at my colleague again, we helped him up and he stormed off toward the side entrance of the mall.
    We cut back through the centre and headed him off, informing him again that he was not to enter. Leaving him there as it was what was originally asked of him, we returned to the office and monitored the doorway where he was waiting via cctv.
    After 10 minutes his friend left the mall and they walked off, Then today we get a Bobby requesting the cctv and informing us that we are to come into the station on Wednesday morning to be intreveiwed under Caution about this incident.
    At all times my colleague only used open Palmed pushes as taught on the conflict Management course we have done and the male can be seen to keep coming at him and myself. The only Physical contact I had with the male was when he stumbled and I helped him up on camera.
    The Guy has apparently alledged asssault claiming to have been punched, we have had similar alledgations in the past, and the Police usually come in, veiw footage and ask our side, get us to sign their pocketbook and thats the last we hear of it.
    So being asked to come in for an interveiw under caution has got us worried, as we are always very careful as any trouble could lose us our Licenses.
    So After reading this, Do I need a Solictor?
    Thanks for advice in advance.
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  2. wouldnt do any harm not to have one.personaly i would.
    i was told by a copper (my neighbour) never to accept a caution. but im not a solicitor so dont take my advice.

    strange they are going to interview you under caution (sounds like they see you as guilty already)
  3. always best to take one just incase or at the very least get their advice beforehand. Though from the sounds of it you and your mate will be fine.
  4. Yes take a solicitor.
    Also make sure your boss if fully aware of the situation and make it clear you expect the full support of your employer.
  5. If you are being interviewed after caution mate, take a solicitor with you. Doesn't your employer provide one?
    Also, don't go through the details on a website. Might come back and bite you in the arrse.
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  6. If you're under caution you should always have a solicitor. It's your right and there for your protection. If you're worried how it will make you look, trust me you'll look much worse if it were to go further and you haven't used one. If it's all as you say and on camera then frankly I can't see you have anything to worry about, possibly your PC is being slightly officious in his approach.
    Good luck.
  7. Probably a laughable question, but I would've thought your employer and/or union if you have one, would be able to help with legal assistance and advice?

    I imagine as long as you followed training guidelines and acted in a reasonable and proportionate manner, you should be ok. Shame he didn't 'headbutt your boot' a couple of times....
  8. You should inform your superiors mate and get your company to provide a solicitor. You should be OK, if he has made a formal complaint then plod is duty bound to investigate it and has to adhere to SOPs. You know he is a wee scrote and plod knows he is a wee scrote but if it is not investigated then I would imagine that he will be stir the proverbial (all on Legal Aid). He has threatened you that is enough evidence.

    I am sure you will be 100% but it's a wise to have a solicitor but don't you go paying for it. You were on duty paid by your employer a the time of the incident. They have a duty of care to look after you.
  9. Not necessarily.
  10. Can't afford a Solicitor, Work Don't want to know, they are a decidedly cowboy outfit in their attitude. Until recently they were a cleaning company only before deciding to branch out. The Security side of the business has only One guy with any Security experience and that was many moons ago he has been in retail management for the last 15 years, before going into Security as a Director.
    This is only an Interveiw under caution not an actual arrest, so not sure if I could asked for the duty Solictor.
  11. Think you should have a read of Labrat post Here

    And a few other things he said

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  12. Contact CAB
  13. When you are intervied under caution you will be offered a solicitor. At this point you can ask to have a duty solicitor, and you will get one FREE. You can also telephone a local criminal law solicitor and explain you have an interview and arrange to meet them. You don't need to pay a penny. Take them up on it and don't accept a caution.
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  14. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    And once this is all over - find a new job. If that is the support your employer is giving you expect to spend a lot of time speaking to plod under caution.
  15. Use a solicitor and other than give your number rank name DOB say sod all until the solicitor arrives. The Police are not on your side.
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