Do i need a RLC Cap badge for Weds?

Discussion in 'REME' started by catchyerselfon, Feb 6, 2010.

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  1. Well it is the Rumour Service after all.
    Army wide brief on Wednesday (of course i'll be told on Tues night).
    Whats your money on?
  2. Only certain trades. Or so I've heard.


    ps, and from the state of the current REME mindset, it's not a moment to soon! :p
  3. Your up early!! now that could help our move up the ladder
  4. Someone want to expand on this? As usual passage of information at my place is non-existent.
  5. Don't forget to purchase a new stable belt as well. At least the RLC other ranks pattern has a beer bottle opener included, side fastening for Ruberts only!!
  6. The world and its dog will need an RLC cap badge after Wednesday. According to the latest rumours (that I started), the RAF is to be disbanded and all their helicopters will be given to the AAC who will then be disbanded as well. All will fall under a new super corps called the RLC (Air). REME will also be disbanded and all the BATs will be transferred to that corps as well.

    All other trades will just be RLC. The Royal Navy will also be disabanded and will form the nucleus of the new RLC (Sea). There are a few exceptions as aircraft on carriers (until they're scrapped that is and no new ones will ever be built) or cabs stuffed up the chuff of a warship will become part of the RLC (Air and Sea).

    The only people who will escape this are the slop jockeys as the ACC will be reformed and Snowdrops, as their duties will be privatized. As the CDS once said "Any moron can raise a barrier".
  7. Now I understand, that's genius, absolute genius. Someone pass me a pair of pants and a couple of pencils!!
  8. do we need to rehink our Corps tent arrangments for this years army navy???
  9. One very (very, very) large RLC tent should be enough.
  10. Can I claim on JPA for a new tattoo if that's the case!!!
  11. All I can say is thank the lord I am due to leave soon, what a frigging shambles!!
  12. That's the attitude!

    Fcuk you Jack I'm alright. :lol:
  13. Too right mate, after all thats the attitude of most of out glorious leaders at the moment!!
  14. It must be just a coincidence but there's a hell of a run on RLC mess dress on Fleabay at the moment.
  15. Will that be for all the pie eaters