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I'm 20 years old, been in the army for 4 years on 29th April this year.

July 2015 I was passenger in a car accident and sustained a whiplash injury. A month later I was deployed to Poland on exercise, armed only with a sick chit and still very much in pain. It took until November 2015 to even be seen by a physio (due to negligence, not lack of appointments). Still to this day, although my back has improved, I'm no where near better. Not only this, but my hips have also started to deteriorate; left one dislocates when I walk.
I can, however, pass a PFA. I'm mostly in pain when doing every day activities such as sitting/standing for periods of time or reversing a car. Anything that involves twisting.
The doctor threatened me with PAP 10 but has gone no further.

My predicament is this.
It's coming up to the time I can sign off (joined at 17). My body is clearly fucked and I'm not even 21 yet. I'm aware I can be MD'd if I sign off, but my question is about money. Clearly if I had been taken seriously about my injury I would have been better by now, such as the driver of the vehicle. The driver was put straight on physio and made a full recovery.
Do I have grounds to make some sort of claim if I get MD'd for my injury? Not even mentioning the fact my hips pop out when I walk and they never did before.

I am literally clueless on any of the MD process.
I feel like I can't ask questions at work as it looks bad and looks like I'm asking to be MD, even though the doctor has already used it as a threat.

Advice will be much appreciated. I'm very scared about my future with/without the army. I don't want to cripple myself further as this benefits no one. I want to dream that at least one day I'll be able to get back to doing sports I love again and not being permanently in pain.