do I have to deploy on op herrick with 10 months to do?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by robbo278, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. can anyone help? I am due to deploy on Herrick with 10 months to do till the end of my 22 years. have been told that I will be going for 4 months which is no probs, I just dont trust my unit and feel they might stitch me up and I will lose out on resettlement.
  2. Wrong forum fella.
  3. do apologise. havn't been on site for a while. cancell my last will post it elsewhere.
  4. The advice given the last time a query like this was raised was to read JSP 534 thoroughly and quote it ad infinitum!
  5. Before you go - if you can show that you couldn't do your resettlement for service reasons your service should be extended to facilitate you resettlement.

    Far from ideal but them's the rules
  6. that version is a year out of date.
    I will check the new version in the morning, as i believe that one of the amendments is about deploying.
  7. Apologies, that was the latest one I saw posted on here and is the same as a friend has been using!
  8. Answer - yes.
  9. The answer is yes, and Dozy, please tell me how your valued experience in the Army qualifies you to give a correct answer.
  10. Under new rules you must have 6 months residual service at the end of the tour, if you have done over 6 years, under 6 years service you must have 4 months, this to to facilitate Ressettlement, if, however, you do not have that residual service EOT the unit can, and should, apply for an extension to your ROD (Run Out Date) so that you can get your entitlements.
  11. Contact your local Resettlement Centre for further clarification.
  12. Correct Mr Silver, but the bit about if you have done less than 6 years is a bit misleading, if you have done less than 6 years but more than 4 you do not have a Resettlement package as such, all you are entitled to is an interview with your IERO, Employment Support Package, which is £0 IRTC, 0 days GRT, JSHAO and FAR briefings, be registered with the RFEA and an interview with a consultant.

    Personnel should also be aware that deferment of discharge for Resettlement purposes is only granted in exceptional circumstances and should not be looked upon as a 'dead cert' as to getting it.
  13. Probably the best piece of advice there is when it comes to resettlement advice. So many people get confused because 'their mate' told them what they are entitled to.

    What you should bear in mind when it comes to fellow soldiers giving you advice on resettlement is that you only truely know about resettlement once youve done it, and then you dont fully understand it.

    I had a full resettlement package and I know work in Resettlement, it took me a good month in the job to get to grips with the whole thing, and to make things harder, it changes all the time.
  14. FF, remember that they have to take POTL, Annual Leave, Terminal Leave and decomression etc, that will all be around 4 months, with the extra 2 months (for those who have done 6 years plus) that gives you a full 7 week GRT as well, give or take.