Do I have a problem?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smudge67, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. With the forthcoming rugby game approaching. The landlord of my local had just called me and said

    "Smudge, I know you're a proper rugby player/fan, would you like me to reserve you a prime spot in the pub, for you and the boys to watch the game?"

    I thought "great! yes please," which was in fact my answer.

    But now I think about I haver a problem?? Reasons being:

    a) He knows my mobile number (although it can be found in waterloo station gents, but that's under my psuedonym)

    b) My bar bill is frequently well over £100

    Your knid words please gentleman (and Sluggy).................
  2. You have no problem - it'll only become a problem if the business you get from Waterloo Station dries up and you can no longer afford your £100+ bar bills!
  3. Well, yes, because he has reserved you "a" spot, which indicates a singular one, and i assume that "your boys" denotes that there is more than one of you attended the establishment.
  4. you, hopefully, will need somewhere to drown your sorrows.
  5. I'm Welsh, so not overly bothered who wins. As long as it's a good match.....I want a great competition to end on a high note.

    DB......I don't charge ;)
  6. and the winners are the..........................

  7. Possibly.....altough you may well be eating your words/typing in a few hours?

    Best of luck to both teams I say.
  8. Fcuk me Smudge (no, that is an expletive and NOT a command or request!), are you DONKEY DAVE of MAIDA VALE 078*1 6*8 90*9??

    What happened last Thursday?
  9. Sorry buddy, I don't really live in Maida Vale. I forgot to get back to you, I was busy :)
  10. Its only a problem if you are drinking in the south.

    £100 for shandy and dredged up Thames Turd water! Yuk!
  11. No you don't. A proper problem is when your fridge is dry of alcohol and no birds come out.
  12. Jack Daniels all the way I'm afraid. The bottle I have just purchased come with a free pourer too! How civilised!
  13. of the fridge :? :? :? :?
  14. I have a beer fridge. Only ever drunk dry once. So I had a long good hard look at myself, realised the errors of my ways, and purchased a bigger one :)