Do I have a claim ??

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by frank792, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. I have been trying to get into the TA and have been told I am unfit for military service. The reasons they have given is for things i got during my 12 years as a regular solider in the REME.

    I was discharged from the army with a grade P2-FE and am on the reserve list.

    I was never downgraded or medically discharged for any of the reasons given for my rejection to military service. In fact I managed a tour of Afghanistan in my final 12 months attached to a infantry unit.

    Can anyone advise me if i have a claim or not???

  2. Regular soldier in the REME? a tour with an infantry regiment?

    When will you Remfs realise, the soldier first trade second, is a load of bollocks, you are what you are, and soldiers is not one of them.
  3. sorry amended post :oops:

  4. define a REMF.
    i have seen many an infantry guy in so called REMF posts. remember without these guys that you are so willing to slag off you would have no chance whatsoever of doing your job. after all where do you think all your supplies come ammo. do you think it magically appears next to you on the front line
  5. any chance of getting back on thread folks?

    What are you thinking you could claim for? Do you wish to claim for being injured in service? or for being denied entry when you are on the reserve list and left as P2FE? Do you wish to use the legal world to force your way in and get the decision overturned? If you are refused are you thinking of getting your P2 FE grading overturned and therefore a the possibility if a war pension etc? What is your injury/condiiton?

  6. Did I once say that the support troops are not needed? or that the none infantry are a waste of space? or that without them the tooth arms cannot function? no? thought not, feck off knob, what i said was, REMFs are not soldiers, is that a hard concept to grasp?
    You will be saying the Rafreg are elite infantry next .
  7. As far as I was concerned I was fit and well with nothing wrong until the medical staff at ADSR labeled me as unfit for military service.

    I'm unsure if it will amass to a claim as nothing ever came of any of the medical injures while i was serving, the only time I was downgraded was when I had a knee op and was upgraded after wards.

    If i wanted to go the pensions way would i be able to add the rejection stuff or would i have to make a compensation claim to do that?

    If I want to still try to get into the TA what would I have to do?
  8. P2 FE means he is fully fit and employable with no restrictions. There are too many gaps in your question for anyone to answer, why did they say you were 'unift' - for medical reasons or other? If you are on the reserve list then that suggests you are fit for service - there may be another reason they won't let you in?
  9. This is from the rejection letter

    "I regret to inform you that, after considering you medical history, you are not eligible for military service.

    The reason for the failure of your application on medical grounds is because of your history of recurrent, intermittent, frequent although short lived, right sided chest pain."

    I was seen by a consultant at TPMH in Cyprus and was discharged with no follow up as this problem was a muscular one NOT cardiovascular and down to the fact I was doing judo and rugby 2/3 time a week. This is all stated in my medical file.
    Also it wasn't frequent I had it at tops 6 times over 4 yrs.
    This was all whilst still serving.