Do i have a case for compensation????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by paveway_3, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. I was wondering , with all of the ''Compensation'' being paid out recently do i have a case?
    I am a serving soldier and i have been for 10 years now however during my 10 years service
    i have been subjected to a torrent of abuse . Here are a few examples of the mental turmoil I
    have suffered. 1)I was born with ''auburn'' hair , so from day one of my army career i have been
    referred to as a ''gwar'' ''stink of urine'' and a whole host of gingerist abuse .
    2)When i was in Northern Ireland during marching season , the army made me stand in a line with
    a shield and a baton . I was spat at , bricked and petrol bombed by the locals .I was never offered any
    help from the army for the mental stress this put me through.
    3)On a unit rugby match after the game a was forced to stand on a table in the bar with my trousers
    and boxers round my ankles and drink a pint of Lager, twice!!!! When i attempted to claim for the
    laundry of my best trousers i was refused.
    4)As I slowly gained promotion i noticed nasty things were being written about me on the toilet doors ,
    along the lines of ''s@b is a f@t gw@r''. I found this most hurtful .
    5)On a number of occasions my collection of ''male litrature'' has been stolen from under my pillow.
    6)I have been shouted at lots of times .
    7)Once i went to the cookhouse for my evening meal , all of my work chums had already eaten and they
    commented on how good the steak was , however when i went to the hot plate there was no steak left .
    I found that to be completely ''gingerist''.

    I could tell you more but it just upsets me .The worst thing i have suffered is when i went to see the padre
    about the abuse i have suffered .He said '' You are in the army you fecking welk , deal with it ''.

    Do you think the SUN newspaper would be interested in my story ? The list of the hell i have suffered
    is endless , i feel the need to blow the whistle on the whole horrible army . Its just not fair.
  2. I'd sue your mum and dad for producing a son that had ginger hair!! How Inconsiderate!!
  3. Go for it mate, are you part of the Ultra clandestine SRR too????
    At one unit I was called names such as Hat and Crap Hat too, very emotional time and whilst in Germany was dragged down the bar alot where other people bought me beer till I was sick.
    My Instructors during Phase One told me I was useless and shouted at me alot.
    We could be well in the money here!!!
  4. I think you might have had a case EXCEPT that most of these events would seem to have taken place more than 3 years ago. This means that you will be in-eligible to claim for compendsation for those.

    Any incidents that have taken place in the last 3 years would, of course, be worth claiming for. If you employ me as your legal rep then I will charge only 75% of your settlement. This is in addition to any expenses incurred (and I find that the best place for me to type e-mails is in Barbados)

    If you require my services at retainer of £1,000 is payable as a non-refundable deposit.

    PM me if you want my assistance!
  5. My boss called me Fatty last week NICE ONE IM IN THE MONEY.
  6. Only if you're not fat. Otherwise he is making a statement of fact.

  7. Damn scuppered again!!!!!!!!
  8. Put it this way.Can you prove negligence on the part of the MoD?Do you have witnesses who are willing to give statements on what they saw?
    Don't get to carried away with the thought of asking a newspaper to highlight your case.
  9. I didnt see any gwar getting bullied, i did smell lucozade though
  10. The Army sent me to Germany Beer was cheap and my self control is low and i had to walk past the pizza place to get home after a skinfull, I was a right skinny f***er when i joined up got my passout photo for proof.
    Hows that have I got a case????
    Any paper that takes my story needs a very wide lens for any photoshoots!
  11. No, but the Army can do you for wasting their time, effort and money turning you into a lean, green killing machine. Also the extra cloth in the combats that you have been issued that could have dressed another 3 soldiers for each set that you were given.

    I'd keep quiet if I were you.

  12. Fair point better keep my head down from now on
  13. By the way MSI64 - I refer you to this statement I made.

    you accepted my advice as shown below


    you have requested, accepted and received assistance and advice. I expect a cheque for £1000 plus expenses (£0.50) within 7 (seven) working days. Failure to make payment will result in court action.

  14. Is paypal ok ???? or maybe equal installments of £1.50 over the next 1000 years???
  15. Cheque or Cash in Sterling, Euros (at FFR) or Kugerands. If you insist on Paypal I will accommdate you, but for the added expense (of trying to figure out how it works) I demand an extra £1,342.56 on top of the original figure.

    I am not a credit broker and so will NOT accept payment in installments.