Do I get to choose which battalion?


Do you get to pick which battalion you go into or do you just have a prefrence? Start my basic June 14th up at catterick and was never asked which battalion I wished to join just regiment any help would be great


Whatever you do mate don't join the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment - they are the leftovers of the old King's Regiment - a right shower! You may have read about them in the newspapers causing trouble in Cyprus as ever.

Good luck!


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You should at least know what Division of Infantry you are going into, from there if you havent specified a particular Battalion or Regiment within that Division you will go to whichever needs the manpower.

Unless you have mates in a particular Battalion i would advise trying to find out which Battalions within your Division are going where and doing what and see if you can actually specify a choice through where you want to go in the short term :)