Do I get paid during Basic Training?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Shenda, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. I have been advised a variation of scenarios, from only recieving cash in hand each week, to being paid a lump sum at the end of week ten, to never recieving anything at all, my careers officer too has been very unclear....can anyone advise??
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    It used to be cash pay parades when I joined but that was close on 30 years ago, you will get paid, the army likes you to buy boot polish so take some money but not enough to worry if its lost or stolen!
  3. You will be paid, don't worry! It takes a couple of weeks to work through the system but after that you will be paid at the end of each month as you will when you finish training. Works out at about £250/week during Phase 1 buts jumps up once completed.

    Top Tip - If you have a bank account before you go it makes life a lot easier!!
  4. Pay?

    You want all the good stuff like Adv Trg, holidays in foreign places and a good trade AND pay!!!!


    You get paid at the end of each month, but it may take a bit of time to start up. ie, if you are starting mid month, you might get it at the end of the next month. Not to fret though, during basic you are paid a small amount each week, for consumables like polish and starch. This is removed from your salary when you finally get it, as is your days wages paid at the ACIO.

    You normally don´t spend much during basic, which means you have a wahoo amount to spend when you finally get leave.

    That is how it was for me at anyrate a good many years ago.

    With all your bloomin human rights and such, it is probably seen as humilating and inhumane to have a good old fashioned pay parade.

    You "Halt, miss, one TWO!!! Two three, up, two three down, I am 12knife fork and spoon Recruit Blogs, Sir."

    OC "What is the name of the CO?"

    You "errrrrrr"

    Tp Sgt "Get away you órrible little man, in the quick and jerky fashion of a crazed masterbating maggot*"

    * can only assume that the Tp Sgt had seen one of these, to know what fashion a maggot masterbates in.

    Character building stuff, and you always got your fiver in the end.

    Mail parade on the other hand was a rare treat but I wont spoil it for you. :twisted:
  5. On the subject of cash money.....

    How much would you reccomend to take to start training? I understand I will have to buy certain items on arrival, since Im not working at the moment I need to obviously plan how much I need to take with me after buying the other gear that I need.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    You can in theory rock up with no cash as long as you have enough polish etc to get you through. It would however mean no letters (buy stamps and take them) no shower gel etc. I recommend taking as much as you can afford in the way of sensible stuff such as toiletries talc etc as the thieving pikeys in the naafi always put up the prices before each passing out parade.
  7. My concern really was the bills that i still have remaining to pay whilst on basic training. If I have no income into my bank account I cant pay anything!
  8. I phoned up just before my son started basic and asked how much i should send him with,was told £100.

    Ended up sending another £100 when pay did not go through.

    He started 12th may but as only just been paid.Recieved all the back pay though.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The army sadly doesnt really have the time to deal with the baggage you are bringing along, I'd get in touch with those you have to pay and let them know that things are changing but will settle within 2 months. It should work out.
  10. Or see if you can cover the bills with what you have in your bank.

    For the 12 weeks (is it 14 now?) you wont need to spend that much.
  11. really was not a good idea quitting my job so early... now Im gonna struggle scraping together my pennies lol!

    On the flip side, time of work has given me plenty of time to work on my fitness :)
  12. Doesn't the army have anything in place to help the people who join who are not in employment and not having a penny to there name ?
    couse like taboo says she was told to take £100 ?
    not many people wil have that...with all the other items to pay for
    is there a loan the army wil let you take out at the beginin of basic training?
  13. My son has been told to take £30 with him ont the first day. Saying that, I have brought him everything he will need. Even down to the bungees which were on his kit list. That way he wont have to buy anything when he goes in. Saves the stress if he needs the money for something else. I wonder just how much they do get paid cash in hand during the week? Does anyone know? :?
  14. When I joined up in 88 I dont remember taking any cash, I took everything on the list I was given, food was "free" and there was no time to do anything else anyway. Seem to remember being paid half way hrough training back then .
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Not sure if you can ask for a cash sub in the form of an acro which is effectively how we used to be cash paid, perhaps some recent ex trainees or DS can help here?
    Dont be disheartened though, JPA will eventually ensure that your salary is paid into your account, you may not get anywhere near it during training though! All pay into accounts takes time to set up and as there will be quite a few of you I suspect there will be a few howlers!