Do I continue to wear my poppy?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by unixman, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. Until at least Wednesday 11am?
  2. The very earliest it should be removed is close of play on the 11th. Although personally I shall continue to wear my enamel miniture always.
  3. I am.....and will be wearing regimental tie to work on Wednesday..and sit in the car for 2 minutes at 11...
  4. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Do what you want, but for me its the 11th at 11:00. Thats the important time for me. I just marvel at the ever increasing number of imbeciles who clearly have no idea why people stop, brace up and reflect in quiet contemplation.
  5. I'll be wearing mine till Wednesday lunch time
  6. true 11/11 is when the poppy should be worn, as with others Corps tie, vets badge etc will be worn to work on that day.
  7. I had my poppy tattooed on my forehead..... can I get laser treatment on Thursday, or should I wait until the weekend?
  8. Just hide in a cupboard until this time next year!
  9. Got a regimential badge on my beanie that I wear to work every day anyway. (Bloody cold at 4 AM you know)
  10. I leave it on till Wednesday then hang it in my car or Window till it fails to be red anymore......just about in time to buy new ones next year!
  11. i wear one of those " lest we forget wristbands"
  12. Did I read on here that it was "Officially from the 2nd November,until 23:59 on the 11th"?
    Sounds good to me.
  13. I've seen the 2nd November (All Souls' Day) mentioned on here and on other sites. I've also seen 1st November mentioned as the day to start wearing the poppy.
    I'm not sure about when to take them off, because I always wear one on Remembrance Sunday which is the second Sunday in November. Next year, it will fall on Sunday 14 November. This suggests that Poppies could be worn after November 11th and taken down after the Remembrance Service.
  14. I wear mine until the end of the ceremony and then along with everyone else I stick it into the grass laid there as a bit of 'Flanders Fields'. I have two poppies for this, one for Sunday 8th and one for Wednesday 11th.
    Then I revert to wearing the small enamel poppy badge for the rest of the year - except for the first Sunday in January when we have a small remembrance service for six Canadian airmen who crashed their Wellington Bomber into a hillside near here in 1944. I have a poppy and a poppy cross saved especially for that.