Do I claim for travel to parade nights?

Hi there, as it says on the tin really...

Live about 7 miles away from my det- do i claim for travel or not?
asked my det commander and he wasn't sure.
You can claim yes!
But as there is a new pay system you will have to claim your duty travel when you claim for days worked speak to your det cmdr or your CEO they will guide you in the right direction!

ok, so what do i want to be looking at claiming travel or milage (or are they the same thing/)

would this be MMA- and as a result on the same form?
usually you will put down how many miles to your det on your personal details form, there is a pay sheet we fill in, top row will have box with dates on them for training days and bottom same for travel to duty, they are filled in on a monthly basis, in my county as well you usually get paid travel to weekend camp at our local HQ.

other counties should have a similar system.
Thanks people.
Main thing to remember is that home to duty claim form is not the same as a 1771. never affected me, though, as I live a 5 minute walk from my det and they won't post me elsewhere as it's hard for us to get other instructors. I do shower regular like so I dunno what the problem is...........

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