Do-gooders. Rumanian immigrants to come here and roam free??

Should this be allowed at all?

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It's yet another ill-thought out case of do-gooders here, meddling in sensitive issues they don't know the first thing about.

Let's not forget, once they're here in Blighty, it's in their nature to just go where they want, without permission. They'll be in your neck of the woods in no time, breeding and eventually spreading right throughout the country. Not only this, they're instinctive types, because selfishness and survival are their number one priorities.

Some people rightly say, it's a double-edged sword and they have much to offer, but don't forget, they'll be claiming all the benefits that go along with having no sensible checks on their behaviour.


Rumainian immigrants are & have been over in Southern Ireland for years.They drive up from Dublin for the day,about 6 of them including babies & young children, & then go begging in Belfast.Usually hanging around queue's for the cash points or department stores.
On a good day they can clear nearly £1000 & then the bog off back down South & repeat the same thing the next day.Whenever you refuse to give them money,they follow you around,claiming not to speak English & they dress in black clothes like Muslims wear.
This I was told after I was accosted by the same rumainian 'bag lady' 3 times in a hour & I went to a PSNI station to complain.


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Spike, click the link. He's banging on about re-introducing wolves.
Some interesting research went on:

See this in perspective. About fifteen people are killed on average per year in horse riding accidents in England and Wales alone (Office for National Statistics). Horses are more dangerous than wolves.

Of course horses are more dangerous. You can't lose your shirt on a wolf.
This excellent scientific research probably won't answer your question.

Wolves do not generally kill people.

Wolves can live close to people.

Wolves do not inevitably kill livestock.

Wolves kill fewer livestock than presupposed

So rather than trying it, I'd prefer to just guess.

And probably yes, it is dangerous to ride wolves, no matter who's on top.


Dunno, me.... comin' ere, paying their taxes, takin' the jobs no one else wants, takin' low wages so locals make a bigger profit, paying high rent to all live in one room so local landlords can make more money, er, and who asked them to come, I ask you?? AHEM

Seriously, though, the wolf scheme might keep the chav problem down. You kids better be home by teatime, eh?
Is there going to be a program to teach them english? Maybe get a few old english bloodhounds in for the lessons and stuff? I mean the deer wouldnt stand a chance if the wolf shouts "OI mate Im gonna eat you!" in Romanian now is it?


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Look, they might breed like rabbits and tear the odd throat out of a sheep or two, but you ring an emergency plumber on a Sunday? The one who turns up when he says he will, does a good job and charges you a fair price? He'll have a wolf accent I promise you


Bert_Preast said:
Is it dangerous trying to ride a wolf?

I don’t think it’s that much more dangerous than riding a mad dog, and let’s face it, after a few beers we’ve all done that (well apart from Frenchmong, but then he bats for the other side anyway) :thumright:
mistersoft said:
frenchperson said:
Howled at the moon lately, Daz?

At least he won't be constantly howling about conspiracy theories

Agreed. However, if you do an impartial comparison of the quantities i.e. my 'conspiracy' posts to his, he's way ahead - and often leagues ahead in terms of irrelevant offensive input.

Cheers Mistersoft! :thumright:

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