Do FR regiments see action

Discussion in 'RAC' started by adam2012, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. my question is do FR regiments see much action on operations and say if you was a driver and came under fire what would you have to do ? i also would like to ask if you go dismounted alot?
  2. I'm sure someone will be along with a sensible answer in a bit, but in the meantime....

    The current record holder for the longest-ranged sniper kill was in an FR regiment. You do the maths....
  3. Answer to 1) and 3) is yes.

    Answer to 2) - the first thing you would do is to wake up when the commander slams his boot into the back of your head.

    A quick google search or peruse of the MOD website would yield a lot of tales of derring-do.
  4. They certainly get to do their bit, well some more than others if the truth be known.
  5. An FR role is to observe... so you might see action, and take part.

    IF you are a driver an dyou come under fire, you do whatever your commander tells you to do.

    There is plenty of potential to go dismoutned.


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  6. Look at the amount of guys killed in in the last 10 years from FR units. I'm not saying its as much as the infantry but for how big the FR element is in the British Army its a fair number.

    Drivers drive, you can have that one for free.
  7. Negligent-Discharge

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    Can't do maths or be arrsed to search for the longest range kill. Do tell.
  8. Update the sqn Facebook page and get a round of brews in...
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  9. thanks for the serious replies any more would be very helpful
  10. Yes FR troops "see action". Especially given that they now provide the core of the BRFs which are often used as the Bde Comd's strike force. You can expect to spend about 50% of your time dismounted (a little less if in a tracked sqn and a little more if you are in a BRF).

    As to what you do if you are contacted, don't worry about that at this stage, you'll be taught all about it in training and much will depend on your commanders understanding of the situation and the orders you get from him.
  11. Id worry more about Phase 1, when you do actually start training.
  12. Always wonder just why they are still called the Brigade Recce Force? Since I first encountered them on Herrick 6 all they did was drove around the desert looking for fights, quite successfully though. When again I encountered them on Herrick 12, they tended to rock up to our AO, ruin all the work we had done getting the civ pop onside, then piss off back to Bastion. As for working with them in on Askari Thunder, the words cluster and fúck spring to mind. A complete waste of time if you ask me since the cav took over.
  13. Recce by fire?

    Although Brigade Raiding Force would be apt.
  14. i just want to know what it involves before applying