Do 'flat cap' berets keep you awake at night?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by snakesby, Oct 23, 2004.

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  1. A friend told me about the ARRSE web site so i thought that i'd pay it a visit to see what all the fuss was about!
    Being a member of the Royal Corps(of Signals!) i went straight to the sigs forum page. I couldn't quite believe my eyes when i saw how many 'grown men' had posted bitchy comments about the shape of the 216 and 264 lads' berets!
    I've been at Blandford for a good few months now and have seen and heard of things that that begger belief! Cars being broken into on the shale hockey car park, cars being rallied around the shale hockey car park(resulting in several cars being written-off), endless counts of insubordination from phase 2 recruits, suicides, couples holding hands and kissing around camp(in and out of uniform), pads' children littering camp centre, vandalism, obese soldiers(of all ranks), soldiers with dyed hair and tongue studs, a friend of mine having a £1000 bike stolen from the block.....the list goes on and on!
    Yet all these 'grown men' have time to do is complain about the shape of a few dedicated CPLS' berets!
    These CPLS volounteer to be block NCOS, take part in phase 2 exercises, help train the lanyard/boxing teams and much more! They are good ambassadors and recruiters for the squadrons from which they came!
    At some time in their career these men volounteered to do an arduous course (P-company/264 probation) and then went on to do the military parachute course....they are a different breed of man(in the sense that they had the balls to get off their backsides and attempt the course) so why not wear their beret differently?
    I've only been in the army for 6 years but 90% of the airborne personnel that i've seen(parachute regiment, marines, airborne engineers, airborne...any cap badge!) wear their beret in the flat cap style!
    The 216/264 lads at blandford are not the first and will most certainly not be the last to wear thear berets the way they do!
    Boots, hair cuts and turn out etc is the responsibilty of the RSM. He's told these 'naughty boys' that he doesn't cry himself to sleep over the shape of their berets, so why do others, including Lt Cols and Cols? Surely they have bigger fish to fry! (the list of incidents mentioned above for example!)

    Tell you what gents, why dont all the airborne lads on camp re-shape their berets to look like helicopter landing pads or other ridiculously shaped berets on camp? Then, and only then, you might be able to find peace and get a sound night's sleep!
  2. :lol: Well said that man
  3. Must be a burning issue for yourself bringing this up as your first post!

    No doubt this will drag on yet again.

    Thanks for another Flat cap thread.
  4. Hanging's too good for them.
  5. Well said snakesby there are enough issues in the Corps at the moment and as another poster suggested lets hope this gets put to bed once and for all so we can actually cover off some reasonably appropriate and constructive subjects not trival dribble
  6. Excellent Wah!
  7. Disco

    I doubt it Disco, more likely just a little peeved that all the seniors at Blandford seem to have little else to do than have a go at something which is trivial and also incorrect. Snakesby is just pointing this out.

    A pity that they do not pay as much attention to the Phase 2 trainees. Then we might actually get a product we can use rather than have to re-train and re-educate.
  8. I believe he was refering to our Corps forum.

    In regard to your post though as an instructor at Blandford I did indeed used to make a point of correctly worn berets but only to the phase 2`s. As for phase 3 soldiers especially 216/264 basically if the badge lets them get away with it on parade then thats the precident set. Some RSM`s go to town on it some dont! But you rarely have discipline problems from these guys and I never saw any get treated less than adult by SNCO`s.

    As for the blocks well they are wholey ill diciplined apart from said type of NCO but thats Blandfords "colledge campus" approach due to left wing, softly softly ATRA Duty of Care rubbish.

    Anyway Snakesby, start digging in the Corps forums, there are some right gems here about Corps direction and technologies lets see your 2cents!
  9. well said young man!! 8)

    if your harry and you know it clap your hands!!!!!
  10. Speaking as a 'hat, ever hear of the phrase 'if the cap fits, wear it' - I've had the doubious pleasure 8O of working with and for many of the 'Airborne Bretheren' in all their guises, in my experience (all 18yrs of it *sigh*) the ones that gripe about it are the jealous drill pig types who can barely bend over to tie their laces... let alone have the balls to have a crack at P Coy (or the equivalent). I chose to remain a 'hat because I wanted to be a good soldier rather than an average para, and so it came to pass.......... I like the Idea that the Ph2s get to see a little bit of 'elan' and pride in a unit and it gives them something to aspire to and lordy knows they do need inspiration! Carry on RSM! (gotta love that guys common sense!)
  11. very well said
  12. Good effort - in summary get a life...
  13. Good first post...welcome to arrse.

    how come the morals and discepline is so sh ite at blandford then and why dont some of you older boys go do some sunshine counciling?

    never happened in my day and if it did it was sorted quickly.

    is it all the chavs who now enlist and complain they are being bullied because they are shouted at and woken up at 0600?

    0600 - lay in that is!

  14. I think Rincewind is probably correct with his comments about getting up before dinner time.

    I was reading a news paper article the other day about Deepcut - it said something like the recruits were made to do PT at night, stand in the cold for what seemed like hours and were shouted at - now that's tough!

    Although I don't think it is correct to bully in the true meaning of the word, I do think that training should be rough. Afterall, at school I got caned, slippered, spanked (wahay) but I wouldn't do the same thing twice. I would never have dream't of filling a teacher in because I had respect and also knew what to exspect when I joined the Army. What school did teach me was to work me knackers off to impress and earn the respect of my elders. I.E TP CPLs. SGTs etc.

    The writing was on the wall when I did my class 1 in Catterick and saw kids walking hand-in-hand like LSP's (Love Sick Puppies) and snogging on the stairs. Say anything to any of em and you'd get accused of bullying...
  15. So are you're saying that Good Soldier = Average Para? Following on, does that automatically make the average para-trained signaller a good Corps soldier?

    SF/SD/SC/Para blokes (and SD/SC birds) are well motivated individuals and I agree that this counts for a lot, but we should caveat any blind assumption that yer average BBC wearer automatically equals a good R Signals soldier.

    But I do prefer to work with well-motivated troops - it gives you something to sober up for. :)