Do Fitness supplements work?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by mc-123, Apr 6, 2009.

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  1. Would it make much difference if say u took loads of fitness supplements to aid getting fit for endurance runs etc? Could any one recommend any, or do u just have to accept the hard way?
  2. no

    at the end of the day, if all that stuff did actually work, a) everybody would take it b) they would be well know and readily available.

    firstly, iv never real come across any fitness suppliment claiming to be good for CV endurance and stuff like that

    cv fitness comes from strong and conditioned heart and lung muscles, and unless you are game to stick a steroid needle direct into your big red blood pumper its not that easy to affect them. plus id steer well clear of anything that changes your natural heart rate. to have any effect it would have to be fairly major drug or something, and you open yourself up to all sorts of problems, like just collapsing because your heart is more fucked then jonny vegas on a pft while having a fag.

    plus the icing on the cake, most suppliments you buy in shops are legal under the rules governing professional athletes in competitions. if they were that good they would be classed as a performance enhancer and therefore banned in competitions.
  3. Edit to add how stupid I am for not reading the first 2 posts correctly, well ill leave this for anyone who is interested... :

    Ignore the post above you, yes it does work.

    I don't know what supplements your talking about but I take Maximuscle's Progain which is a supplement that allows you to make big gains, whilst leaning and toning your muscles well, on top of a good high calorie diet and alot of working out it is very effective.

    To give you an example, 2 weeks ago I weighed 9s 15lbs, per day I eat around 3500-4000 calories, equivalent to about 6 moderate meals from morning to night, I run 5 days per week, generally I put on about 2lbs in one 24 hour day, and the next day I will loose that 2lbs from my long distance running, so for 2 years I could never put on weight or muscle mass. Anyway, in 2 weeks of taking progain I have 'gained' 8lbs, and i do check the mirror everyday to see my progress and already I can see its pure muslce and not fat, my muslces are literally pumping even if I havn't been working out on that day, so I always feel strong throughout the day.

    Is it the easy option? Yes of course, but who cares...not me anyway.

    Is it expensive? If your on the dole like me then no... if you have bills to pay and beer to pay for, might be tough to stay on a routine with it.

    Side effects? Yep, muscle pains through most of the day, you can feel stiff in the morning, can cause mood swings and alot of aggression (good for the gym though!) and it tastes like shite.

    Well thats my 2 cents worth. but to finalise this reply, It has not improved my running, only my physique and upper body strength, including situps, but in no way does it improve your speed or endurance for running.
  4. Are you serious?

    Ready available, like say, in health food shops and sports shops in every town centre, or all over the internet, in gyms and leisure centres and swimming pools, places like that?

    Yes, i agree that there are little supplements that will help with endurance running etc, but there is a huge range of supps to aid with recovery from runs etc..

    Fish oil, there's feckin tonnes of reasons why you should be taking fish oil, have a google and see.

    Linky for Fish Oil Info

    Protein supplements, whey or casein, are both brilliant ways of adding high quality protein to your diet, specifically if your shooting for hypertrophy.

    Creatine, that's formed naturally by the body but supplementation can have benefits too.

    You're ignorance concerning steroids astounds me, please either educate yourself about the things you are giving advice about or just don't..

    In answer to the original poster, no, there aren't really any supplements you can take to increase your ability to run distances, but there are ones you can take to reduce injury, increase recovery and up your energy levels.

    A tip i use, no evidence to back it up or anything but feel free to try it, take some pro plus, or diet red bull half an hour before you start running, i find i can push myself further.

    Have a buzz around the supplement articles in that site, it's primarily aimed at bodybuilding and powerlifters, but there's a f'cktonne of information floating around.

  5. Herfie used to help met get round my BFT :p
  6. Re endurance:
    Look up beta alanine
  7. Ignore Laza, he clearly doesn't know what he's talking about.
  8. In the heart? Are you serious?

    The arrse is a much better option as long as you don't go too low and hit the sciatic nerve! 8O
  9. Whenever supplements get mentioned on this site no end of sh*te gets posted.

    My suggestion and I am not going to tell you anything about supplements and I have used various things at various times in my military career, have a look at a specific website that deals with what you want to achieve, i.e if its for running, go to a runners forum, for bulking up, go to a bodybuilding or strength training forum.
  10. well the last bit sums it up.

    progain will do nothing more then a well thought out diet would. secondly, how many marathon runners do u see trying to tone up. most good endurance runners disappear when they turn to the side, seen as if your running for 2 hours at speed, every gram counts. your issued boot is only about 300-400g heavier then some trainers. think of the differance that weight makes.

    lamps, i was of course speakin in terms of endurance running. i wasnt saying that suppliments of any kind are not readily available. just because holland and barret do 6 types of maximuscle or whatever adds little to the fact we are talkin about endurance running.

    secondly, caffenine (ala red bull, coffee etc) is a well known pre race tip in the running world. along with citrus fruit or citrus fruit juice to stop your mouth drying out and small amounts of sugar and salt in your water.

    at the end of the day, trying to find things to take to improve gains is just lazy, in terms of cv fitness and running.

    some of the best distance runners to come from africa etc did it by getting up and sweating there tits off. to even be scouted as a runner you need to be able to be of a reasonable standard off your own back. do you think those guys were googling beta alanine?

    the current holder of the world record for longest time running with 3 days and nights, got to that standard by selling his car and running everywhere.

    i guarentee now, nobody who has posted so far is at a standard where they are so high in terms of performance they are starting to reach the limit of natural physical possibility. so much of doing well in sports is mental. what seperated paula radcliffe from every other blond woman of the same height and weight was not some super unique body structure to make her a better runner. if your attitude is right, you dont need anything but a sensible lifestyle to achieve whatever fitness level your after
  11. Have they reset the server or something because I posted a response in here and so did someone else
  12. The best evidence (I think) for what works for endurance is caffeine (sp?), particularly if you are trying to lose fat at the same time and are short of calories - moblises fat, increases arousal..

    The evidence also auggests that (surprisingly) endurance creates more of a need for protein than (most) weight training, but enough calories and 20% of them from protein should meet that need.

    So a mug of strong coffee half an hour before you start and a panda size bowl of chilli, rice and veg when you finish might be the best "supplements".

    I've just finished a twenty minute interval session preceded by a pint of coffee and a pint of tea, and finished with a tin of beans, six slice of wholemeal, two plums and a couple of apples, and I feel brand new. If I could be arsed I could express the content in terms of "1100 kcals, with a full spectrum of amino acids through combination, biologically active fibre and plant sterols which has been linked to the reduction of harmful catabolic hormones, bioflavanoids serving to check the oxidative damage intrinisic to level four aerobic exercise...."

    Would still be just scoff, and the less it has been mucked about with the less likely you are to engineer a funny problem. Chemical betacarotene in isolation can give you cancer, zinc supplements can create weired copper deficiencies and anaemia, too much iron can give you heart don't want to muck about too much.
  13. LOL the second post is funny by saying they dont work, so why do all athletes take them lol. Coming from a marine back (ex marine) every one is one the protein shakes and creatine. But be warned they are only as good as the user, if you work hard you will get the benifits, if not you will just pack on fat. Protein shakes help to repair the muscle and the creatine will help put volume on your muscles. But to be honest mate most of the worlds armed forces are on some sort of supplement.
  14. For running, try looking and carbohydrate supplements. I know a lot of sportsmen that take them before they go for a run to improve endurance and the like. Also, if you're really keen (and in my opinion silly), you could try out ephedrine, which is like caffeine on caffeine (I believe it's derived from adrenaline (hence, epi pens have ephinedrine in them)). A lot of sports aren't keen on it though, but if you're just trying to get that extra push it might be worth trying.
  15. My whole american football team used to Creatine before a game. And really noticed big differeneces in our performance, and when we took a hit, It seemed to not affect us as much. Maybe it was all in the head, but it worked.