Do fish eat semen

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. I bought one of those 'novelty crate' things off ebay, £300 for a pallet of all sorts....

    In it was some utter shite like broken soldering irons and parts of kids games, but there was also some good stuff, dehumidifier, fans, digital photframes, lcd tele, etc etc...

    Also there was a tropical fish tank, lovingly we set it up, put the rocks in, a castle (for the fish to scale the walls of and assault the french fish) a plant and some other fishy things.

    I opted to buy fish that arent compatable as I thought it would be fun to see them kill and eat each other rather than seeing them get on...

    I didn't get any fish food and the debate of the afternoon has been, will they eat sperm?

    If so I'm going to thrap into the tank and raise their protein levels.

    Anyone else w@nked into a tropical fish tank?
  2. once tried to get a blow job off a phirana!!! didn't work out too well, as they're freshwater fish i imagine it didn't like the taste of salt!
  3. When I was much younger I did once tip the best part of a bottle of vodka into a fishtank to make sure they enjoyed the party i was attending too. They had such a laugh they were all dead by the morning.

    A length of electrical flex with a plug on one end works equally well if you want to get them dancing.

    I cant imagine they'll go a bundle on scoffing a few dollops of what will look like a dockers oyster by the time it hits the water
  4. Sorry, I thought this was a thread about the USS Indianapolis.
  5. Thanks for loading us up with that image Minister! Nice
  6. Do seamen eat fish?
  7. Even if they don't eat I'm pretty sure one of them will stick his snout in it to see what it is. If he goes into it at speed he'll be blinded which may frighten him. In his struggle to shift the sperm it could well catch on his gills leaving him with bukkake specs. The result would be myxomatosis for fish. He'd be like a stock car in there and may well take some other fish out as he screams around the tank trying to shift the ji#z. I dunno, it's obviously up to you but I'd give it a go mate.
  8. They didn't eat it, but they all flocked to the top of the tank to have a shufty....

    Something quite satisfying abotu having a small group of fish assemble in a group to sample your muck.

    Might have a dump in the tank later
  9. I know a fish that eats semen. Her name is Dawn. Make sure MDH that you eat peanuts before you have your movement in the tank. They may assist with the floatation.
  10. i've heard of the gay killer whale that bit a submarine in half and sucked out all the se(a)men
  11. In the interests of science you could always try force feeding one if you can grab him and get him to suck it down directly from your japper. See is its eyes bulge as you flood it with paste
  12. MDN certainly opens up new avenues of speculation...

    got me thinking about Blowfish...
  13. I don't think that this is the time or the plaice to be discussing this

    is this that my coat? :oops:
  14. If you have got blowfish in there you might want to think about rearing and then training them properly:

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  15. With Chips?