Do ex-mob make good landlords??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by macster88, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. in my experience - no. My local is in a good spot, nice country village, good potential for food sales etc but the couple of ex-Army blokes who ran it until recently, never quite got their heads around the fact it wasn't an SNCOs mess. The food was actually quite good but the chef used to come out before punters had finished demanding a full review of his skills in a rather intimidating way. i found it amusing but the more senior citizens and tourists used to drink up and leave.

    Along side being private security ninjas, do ex-forces of a certain age think they are natural landlords?
  2. Of course, but ex-forces guys don't run a bar/pub for customers, they run it for themselves! Free bar is it? Don't mind if I do!
  3. Think I've read a review of it:

  4. Well they know how to get rid of unruly persons from their establishments ......thou never seen again
  5. Nail on head - but lack of monthly mess income gets in the way of personal game of pub guvnor, after a while.
  6. I bet he was living the dream though!
  7. Mine did alright but then it was only a hobby, I only bought it as you can always guarantee yourself a lock in if you own the gaff...I rented it out to the chef who was an ex squaddy, he pays the rent on time, keeps it spotless, serves a good pint and still gets live music in :)
  8. I'm really struggling to see the downside to all that.
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  9. There's this ex Royal Marines bandy who owns a house in Mytholmroyd near Hebden Bridge. His tenants reckon he's a real gash landlord. Apparently.
  10. Cos he wasn't an RM probably?