do drugs... get shopping vouchers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jason_2000x, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. so i get hooked on drugs... tell me GP im hooked... get clean get vouchers for each check up that im clean... tesco, boots HMV here i come...
  2. woops didnt mean to post this same thing 4 times... kept coming up with error message...
  3. it's a basic rule of human nature - punish bad behaviour and reward good behaviour - whether you like it or not, every one of us responds in the same way...... vouchers are a small part of the overall package - if they help let's use them, if they don't, stop using them...... simple.
  4. On the one hand, Jase, I agree that it seems unfair that people who initially choose to do drugs (and subsequently get addicted) seem to get freebies. On the other hand, think of the (IMO greater) amount of money and hassle it costs when a drug-addict steals or harms others to fund her/his habit. If giving out a relatively small amount of money in vouchers contributes to people getting clean, surely it's cheap at the price?
  5. On the other hand, we could just execute anyone caught with drugs. That'd kill the problem in no time at all.
  6. It is not as bad a thing as it 1st seems, they say clean, and getting clean and saying clean is not as simple as you may think.
    we should in theory then have less crime,less paraphernalia being dumped about.less people using hopefully less people to learn how to use, they get £10 voucher to spend, I could just about guarantee it will be restricted on what they can buy with it, i suspect foodstuffs, if nothing else they will/should have at least a loaf of bread in the house that way.
    what will we miss from this as its a voucher, no actual money is being paid out that we will noticeably miss from our pockets.
  7. Simplistic and wrong :thumbdown:

  8. They get to kill a lot of drug addict scum though, which can only be a good thing.
  9. I myself can speak on this matter with some amount of welly, I myself am an alcoholic and currently awaiting to start on my lovely detox program, I do not feel that offering incentives will help one iota. I would also prefer the funding to go into the programs theselves and mores to the point publicising them. I had the good sense as soon as "I realised" I had a problem went straight to the docs and found them to be very supportive. If there is one thing an addict needs its support from family ,friends and medical people, and the main point is YOU HAVE TO WANT TO GET OFF THE BUS!!!! giving people who do not have the good fortune of reasonable intelligence will just sell their vouchers anyway!
  10. The junkies will just sell their vouchers.

    Rapierman best of luck in the detox program.
  11. Ta Spiff, must admit Im shittin it, bloody Librium, Valium in other words, take me off the pi55 and turn me into a smackhead, bargain! not! I will be sorted and I want it so badly it will work, but as I say this voucher scheme is deemed to fuel the problem from the start, I know so many people in that boat that will just see it as a bonus to their lives, its better for the government to be seen to do something though, and not wanting to start a tinfoil hat brigade conversation, has anyone read Aldous Huxleys Brave New World? Soma? Just a thought !
  12. I have now been clear of drugs for 43 years, well since I was born actually. Where is the queue for the free stuff?

    What a load of leftie pump.

    Shoot the fcukers
  13. having worked in a dry house and a wet house possible of some limited use
    do this get this don't do what we say don't get anything
    if it works its not stupid
  14. I say send all junkies to gauntanamo bay...that'll sort them
  15. This is an excellent idea. I know it sounds very wishy-washy to the majority of the arrse posters, but research has shown this (correctly known as Token Economy) to be a very effective method of modifying behaviour. It has shown it is effective with all sorts of populations, from kids with behavioural problems, to drug addicts to encouraging institutionalised schizophrenics to wash in the mornings or make their beds.