Do dreams have meanings?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cait, Nov 2, 2005.

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  1. I have had a couple of really bizarre, reoccurring dreams of late.

    I’m not normally one to be believe in mumbo-jumbo-hippy -fate bollo.cks but I had the same dreams again last night and now Im curious to find out if they really do mean anything?

    In the first dream I find myself back on my recruits course and we’ve just finished the final ex. We are all climbing onto the back of the Bedfords when it’s my turn to climb up…… as I reach my arms out to haul myself on I realize the sleeves on my field jacket have been sewn up!!!! I’m there trying my hardest to pull myself on but I just cant get my hands out the bottom of the sleeves.???? :? :D

    In the second dream I buy my nipper a bright red bike for Christmas…… for some reason I find myself needing a new pair of shoes but we are to skint to buy any. So I go into the garage and take the peddles of the bike and wear them as shoes????? Now I know in my dream this isn’t right but I just cant change it?? :?

    Anyone fancying themselves as a dream guru, got any ideas what these might mean?

  2. Cait, i think you need a trip to the stores!! :)
  3. Climbing refers to Sexual appetite ( striving upwards for more )

    Sewn Sleeves is a frustration reference!
  4. There could be many reasons to have weird dreams:

    1. FOOD: Stop eating cheese before going to bed.
    2. STRESS: Stop worrying about things before going to bed, stop eating cheese before going to bed.
    3. DEPRESSION: Stop being depressed about life the univrese and everything, stop eating cheese before going to bed.

    As you can see these are all interlinked in some bizzarre way.


    :lol: :lol:
  5. Dream features about not being able to do physical things - like running away from the pursuing purple snorkelwhacker - can be caused by simple things like the fact that your movements are restricted because you are under the bedclothes. Not being able to grab things might be because you have your hands twisted in your nightclothes - or someone else's.

    Shoes are definitely about sex, especially red ones. The connection to your nipper is significant, but of what is beyond me. Perhaps you unconsciously reject your status as a mother because it cramps your style.
  6. vasco, youre scaring me!
  7. Yes, it means you're asleep. :roll:
  8. Cait, I have done a fair bit of reading around dreams and the subject of understanding them. Your dreams have fairly common themes and are easy to understand. You will find that many factors influence you dream patterns and their "weirdness". For women it is especially typical to have strange dreams around the time of you period. Clearly the dream with using the pedals as shoes has been influenced by you menstral cycle.

    The dream with you being unable to climb into the back of the 4 tonner is nothing strange. It sounds very much like a memory from your training. As we all know, most chicks can't climb into a truck without much whining, panting and assistance from blokes.

    Any other dreams to unravel?
  9. RTFQ


    Come on, sit on RT's couch - it's all easily explained.

    Dream 1. You're missing the comeraderie of the old days when you wore green and we all tried to fire into you. The bedford represents the banter, the fun and the excitement that you may have always felt you were never truly a part of (despite feelings that you thought you deserved to be), and that you are certainly missing nowadays. The sleeves represents your perceived inability (due to choices you made, choices made for you or outside influences) to grasp the chance to get in amongst the dirt and fun again. Do the people on the truck cheer you on/try to help you up, but they're just out of reach? The fact they're sewn up suggests it's choices you've made, if it were a heavy bergan stopping you it would indicate outside influence maybe. The fact that you're not wearing anything but your smock just means you're filthy.

    Dream 2 indicates that you feel guilty because you have/want to put your own happiness (even over something really small) above that of your nipper's absolute happiness. And you're a pikey. It'd be much better to make shoes from the bike's tires ffs!
  10. :lol: :lol:

    I can wrap both legs round the back of my head and p.iss over the top of a 4 tonner (honest :D ), climbing into the back is not normally a problem.... :D

    I did sit up in bed the other night and tell my other half that i wanted to play "Chris' Rotation Game".....

    I have no idea what the game is and my other half is called Richard
  11. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I think it is all a deep rooted sign of wanting a deep rooting.

    Can I form an orderly queue?
  12. I wouldn't worry about that too much. All this shows is that you are a filthy c0ck crazed "naughty person".

    Also, your other half was almost certainly not listening to your boring drivel and had mentally tuned you out ages ago.
  13. cait

    In the 18/1900s prisoners were put into jackets with the sleeves sewn up stopping any chance of self enjoyment. I thereby conclude that your first dream demonstrates the guilt that you feel at strumming yourself too often. The inability to climb into the Bedford demonstrates that you are striving to achieve a goal that is just out of your reach, if your case the ultimate climax, because of your sewn up sleeves/feelings of guilt

    In your second dream, I have to agree with RTFQ you are a pikey
  14. That was my subconcious passing messages.... the message just got a bit contaminated on the way :D

    I could land myself in a whole load of trouble with my dreams of late, to the point where I had my first wet dream since being a spotty teenager. :roll:

    To say it was erotic, bordering on illegal in 45 states in an understatement.
  15. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    What is it like? You know, the old waking up with crusty pyjamas?

    I have never had a wet dream in my entire life.

    Cait! Can you come round tonight and whisper in my ear whilst flicking your bean? If you do that I may manage to involunterily spooge in my crackers and experience The MDN lifestyle.

    If that doesn't work and I can't get to sleep I could always chuck one up your chutney tube then for light relief and interest I can ram my fingers down your throat on the gravy stroke and ride out the contractions.